View Full Version : Will the new female ITTF throw chopper Linda Bergstrom under the bus ?

09-16-2021, 03:07 PM
The new ITTF President after November 2021 will be Sweden’s Ms. Petra Sorling
USA’s (chopper) Ms.Virginia Sung will also be elected as an ITTF Vice-president at AGM-2021 in Houston in November 2021

Like any other country Sweden has always supported its national players (except for choppers of course), no matter & however screwed up the logic maybe.

Some examples

1. In the 90s (I think at 1995 or 1997 BGM not sure of year but definitely happened), Sweden made a bizarre proposal that would have required rubbers on both sides of the racket (if both sides used) to be identical. This was done to protect the dominance of their Dream Team 2 (All of them two winged loopers). Of course it was defeated.

2. However later on, in 1998, Sweden did absolutely nothing to protect chopper Thomas Nordberg (Or is it Tomas Nordberg ? Can’t find him on Google search but he did exists LOL), who used what else, the banned Feint Long (classic) of course

3. But later sometime around 2011 or so, Sweden made an even bizarre 180 degree turn around from their 90’s proposal, asking the ITTF to repeal Scholer’s frictionless pips ban to protect Fabian Akerstrom.

So now, this brings us now to Linda Bergstrom, the up and coming female Swedish chopper (Back to P1r Long Pips after failing with her try to be an “honorary looper” with Spectol Short Pips) .

So the question now is :-
Will the 2 new females on the new ITTF Executive Council (after November 2021) support Linda Bergstrom & do the right thing at least now, unlike the wrong 3 things that Swedish Association did before as listed above or will they throw Linda Bergstrom (a chopper) under the bus like they did to Tomas Nordberg ?

Will they do the right thing and increase the maximum limit of Aspect Ratio to at least 1.5 ( if not the fair value of 1.7) ?

1.5 equals ( the previous 1.3 which must never have been changed plus ONLY 0.2 for 3 atrocities > 40 mm ball, pip density reduction and 40+ plastic ball)
1.7 equals (1.5 above plus 0.1 for speed-glue ban repeal of 1995 and 0.1 for fake glue ban of 2008 to fool the IOC, after development of boosters to circumvent speed-glues )

I am fully aware of the fact that AR is NOT the ONLY parameter that effects “kink” (I am using the exact offensive & belittling word used by Scholer) . There are 5 or 6 other pip design parameters that can effect “kink” (they meant unpredictability) . But my point is that Scholer used AR as an excuse to punish Feint Long (classic) users (including all top defenders including Tomas Nordberg) using microwaved Curl P1(classic) as an excuse (but of course none of these were REAL reasons why Scholer passed 1998 AR reduction regulation but that is another story called (Business rival) Dr.Neubauer Episode 1- 1998 . Episode 2 - 2008).
My point is that it is possible to design rubber with AR of even 2.0 with minimal unpredictability but ITTF has refused to do the right thing for the past 23 years and yet had passed more and more rules to punish the defenders in 2000, 2004 and 2014

So will Petra Sorling & Virginia Sung call an ITTF Executive Council at AGM 2021 and pass a regulation to increase the AR to at least 1.5 if not 1.7 ? Of course not .
Swede Petra Sorling will throw fellow Swede (up & coming Swedish chopper) Linda Bergstrom under the bus along with chopper Virginia Sung
They will continue to be in denial and in support of those types of ex-players who control the ITTF and their collaborators.

If Virginia Sung has any sense of decency & fair-play & ethics, she would take the initiative & call a meeting of ITTF executive council at AGM 2021 and pass a regulation to increase AR to 1.5
Of course they will have to face the music for this after December 2021 ( and accept full responsibility if sponsors vanish & table-tennis gets removed from Olympics) if they chose to pretend to ignore this issue & act like this is a bad dream.