View Full Version : DNA Dragon Grip - how is it?

12-18-2021, 04:57 PM

Just wanted to know if anyone that has tried Stiga's DNA Dragon Grip could give some sort of comparison with the other DNA rubbers.
Aspects like grip, speed, durability, etc.

I've used regular DNA H on an Azalea Offensive blade for the past couple of years but wanted to try out something that could be similar to a chinese rubber, with more grip and control, on the FH side and thought that maybe the Dragon Grip could be the one (also shouldn't be that big of a change given that it's part of the DNA series??).
You guys think it could work?


12-19-2021, 01:38 PM
So I bought the DNA Dragon, Rakza Z, Tibhar K3 to compare. The Dragon is what I will be switching to for both FH/BH. The Rakza has good grip but waaay too slow for me. The Tibhar is slightly faster than Rakza but still not as fast as the Dragon. The Dragon is slightly sticky and much more powerful.

I play with Amultart blade and am an offensive attacker. I used to play Rasanter R53 on FH and Nittaku Fastarc G1 on BH. Both old rubbers are very fast with good grip but Dragon has more grip but slightly less punch. With the Dragon lifting chops is easy and I can attack with more penetration. On backhand the Dragon easily flips backspin serves but not as fast so you'll have to add some forward push. For blocking the Dragon is much better. Against heavy topspin my blocks are easily controlled and I can place with pinpoint accuracy. The old rubber would have a tendency to fly off and long. Can't comment on durability too much but after 2 weeks I can see some pimples underneath the topsheet so it's starting to get a little translucent. Performance hasn't changed noticeably but I'm guessing durability will be average.

Compared to my old rubbers the Dragon has much better grip and control but slightly less speed. Overall I really like it and will be using it regularly.

12-20-2021, 03:03 AM
thank you very much! I'll be buying it and testing it out!