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01-06-2022, 09:42 AM

I just switched from Tenergy 05 to DHS 3 Neo Provincial orange sponge 39 on forehand with no booster applied by me and my topspin suffers due to this change. Theoretically speaking I know that I am facing the problem of playing with a harder rubber which requires more power from me but I believe a different technique is also required.
My assumption is based on observation so I guess I am missing some points here this is why I have raised this topic in order to seek for advice for someone who played with such rubber and knows how to deal with it from his/her own experience, preferably a coach.
In order to better explain what I am talking about when I mention the fact that a new technique is required, I will use the video bellow as an example.
Instead of performing a topspin with Tenergy 05 with the racket at an angle of about 30 or 45 degrees based on the incoming spin (aka European Topspin style), I believe the topspin with this rubber is more up and forehand and a different placement is required for me so I can receive the ball more on my right side compared to the European style where the ball is closer to me. If I am performing an European topspin the ball will cross the net with a lower angle which I like but it lacks power this is why I believe I need to hit the ball not just with more power but more direct, up and forward so I can use the rubber and the racket more and get more power in that way but with this approach the ball loses that sidespin received by using the European style so it will fly more straight and it will not go down the table – same thing happens to Fan Zhendong – minute 42:10 and Xu Xin 57:51 ; some good examples when the ball has been brushed up and forward and it went down the table but the ball was hit far from their bodies with no side spin Xu Xin 59:28, Fan Zhendong 13:21 and an obvious one at 16:20.
In a few words, my understanding so far is that I have to decide which price to pay: European style topspin with some sidespin which lacks power but the ball will curve and go down the table on the other side or learn this new technique where the ball is brushed up and forward with power with less sidespin which will cause a lot of balls go off the table until I will learn this new technique.

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merlin el mago
01-06-2022, 11:58 AM
H3 needs a different stroke, you need to flex the body, rotate the hip, use the legs, strong force to spin the ball. Japan & Europe rubbers only the arm.

01-06-2022, 12:32 PM
What I like most of my H3Npro39OS is the variation of spin it provides. It can be very confusing for my opponents. I can change the intensity of my spin with a tiny adjustment but that usually affects enormously the behavior of the ball.
-When I drive the ball at around 1-2 o'clock the ball stays low ant it can be very fast and still if I use more wrist it would give even more or less.
-When I am relaxed I would create one type of spin but when tight the ball would go different again. We can clearly see that FZD and XX don't always use the same type of so called "Chinese topspin".
They vary all the time, why wouldn't we?
So mixing chinese and euro styles are good thing for me. What is more important for me is- whatever shot I play the ball is usually on the table.
These are the "good" things I noticed while playing (recently) with my H3.
What I don't like is the ability to smash as fast as with euro/jap rubbers, but the ball can be still qiite confusing.
I also found out that the H3 plays very differently on different blades. Really picky....so choose wisely and keep on trying

01-06-2022, 04:09 PM
It would be way easier to provide decent input for you, if you we could see your gameplay at hand. Otherwise it is just awkward guessing and sharring the typical lines with you, like: H3 is different, you need to play with power from the legs, propperly pivot... and so on.

Besides this playing with it unboosted for way more than some months will end literally in no tuningeffect in the sponge which will result in a brick on your blade.
So either reboost it or change.
Otherwise you have to work on changing very many things.

- You have to play and move way faster in order to be able to perform harder hits
- You have to overall hit harder
- You have to spin the ball way more instead of flat hitting

Depending on how detailed i get you probably have to even change way more, otherwise the only advantage you gonna get is the shortplay and control of the rubber itself.

01-07-2022, 12:06 AM
H3 needs a different stroke, you need to flex the body, rotate the hip, use the legs, strong force to spin the ball. Japan & Europe rubbers only the arm.
Aye. So, since you play with H3 I read this :
"You have a different stroke, you flex the body, rotate the hip, use the legs, strong force to spin the ball. Not like with Japan & Europe rubbers which only need the arm" 🧐Just kidding of course 🍺

01-07-2022, 01:27 AM
Hurricane is the way!

Marcos Guglielmetti
02-04-2022, 06:58 PM
Hi, sorry to bother you... how should I start a new post/topic?

I want to post this:


Do you think this is a top or a flat hit?

Slow motion:


I can see that the ball rotates and goes into the table thanks to the spin on it...

Normal speed:

By the way: I use Victas TDE 57.5º black on drive, very explosive sound, very hard rubber. Chinese sticky type

02-05-2022, 02:17 AM
Tenergy vs Hurricane

02-17-2022, 06:48 AM
To be honest, hurricane without a booster is really hard to play with great power and spin. And the way he and t05 pull the ball is obviously different. When using the hurricane, you need to consciously increase the friction and reduce the blow. Booster twice if you will and you will have a whole new feeling. The ball you pull out will greatly increase the difficulty of your opponent's defense. Because of the strong spin, the arc of the twicejump is low.

02-17-2022, 11:27 AM
H3 needs a different stroke, you need to flex the body, rotate the hip, use the legs, strong force to spin the ball. Japan & Europe rubbers only the arm.

this might explain why rest of the world is so behind the Chinese then as people think you only need to use arm if using euro rubber. You need to use your core, hips and legs no matter what rubber you use!! Dima uses D09C is he only using arm??!!

yes with euro rubber u can say u can get away with just using arm as the rubber provides the bounce and fast rebound but you should still be using proper technique.