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Lion Cup Japan Top 32-2022 (https://www.tt-kharkiv.com/en/tags/lion-cup-top-32-2022/news) is a table tennis competition held on March 5-6 in the Japanese city of Tachikawa, part of Tokyo, organized under the direction of Japan Table Tennis Association (https://jtta.or.jp/). It was the 25th TOP Japan Lion Cup tournament and was held in Tokyo for the first time.The tournament was held in men's singles and women's singles and was used to qualify for various important tournaments involving the Japanese national team players.

Tournament Qualification
Competitions are held among men and women in singles, the number of participants is 32 in each event.

Qualification for championships based on the results of the tournament:

The points needed to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be awarded;
The top four players will represent Japan in the 2022 World Team Table tennis Championship, with the exception of Mima Ito and Shunsuke Togami, who have already qualified as winners of the 2022 Japan National Singles Championship;
Tournament winners are eligible to represent the Japan national team at the 2022 Asian Games in singles;
The top 8 players will be eligible to participate in the internal selection for the Asian Games (April 9 and 10: Akabane Gymnasium).

The format of the tournament is based on a 2-day knockout system. Tournament system with 32 players, all games of 7 games for a 4-game advantage.

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