View Full Version : Help in getting a new paddle

04-04-2022, 08:36 AM
I played TT a lot till 2019 after that due to my circumstances, dropped it for a year. Then covid hit and I couldn't play anymore as the clubs were all closed. I am getting back into TT but my paddle rubber has shrunk so I need a new one. My old setup has FH MX-P, BH Coopa, and Carbon shot. I play offensive, but my spin is really bad. FH oriented. Getting a fast setup isn't helping me either. I am not going to a coach rn, so I wanted some advice on a new setup. Thanks!!!

04-07-2022, 04:58 AM
what about just using your old paddle? or maybe just getting new rubbers to freshen up the spin. I don't know what blade the carbon shot is, but I personally recommend the Stiga Infinity VPS. If you wanted a carbon blade... perhaps Viscaria or some type of innerforce?

It's best to stick to all wood for it's safety.