View Full Version : changes of Tenergy over the years

06-12-2012, 06:00 PM
Hi all

I was talking to this state league player, he talked about how tenergy has changed over the years. He mentioned that the very first piece of Tenergy he used last for a year and was still playable by then. However, as meny of you have guessed, life of new pieces started to decrease, until now, only last for couple of months. Of cuz we are talking about not involving using any kinda booster.

Is quality of sponge the only thing that has changed? The way BTY "process" new rubbers? Or do u think even the top sheet has changed in some way? How many times has it been changed in quality?

Plz share what you think about this legendary rubber, the one that has nagged us so much $$ :p

In case ur interested in anyway, this player uses Viscaria, national old H3 with DianChi oil, and T64.