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08-06-2012, 04:39 AM
Has anyone use this rubber? Any opinions on this rubber? Thanks.

08-07-2012, 01:08 AM
good bh rubber

Mr. RicharD
08-07-2012, 02:10 AM
Tenergy 64 has small pips so that they are spaced slightly further away from each other unlike the T05 and T25 pip structures. This space allows for the topsheet to wrap around the ball more making it feel "softer" in comparison to the other rubbers. It is also the fastest of the rubbers, but reacts the best to underspin allowing for the shortest pushes when compared to T05 or T25.

If the price point scares you however, I recommend JOOLA rhyzm which is a top comparison to T64 but provides just a tad bit more control especially in the thinner sponge thicknesses.

08-07-2012, 05:31 AM
I was using 05 on my forehand and 64 on my backhand , coach changed to 64 on both sides.Has improved my consistency and hence the level a lot. Definitely there is no rubber with the best mix of speed and spin than 05 but if you want more control i would suggest 64. Closer to european rubbers ( softer ) than others because of the spaced out pip structure . However, I think the size of the pips are larger than 05 ( if i remember correctly , a good place to check this is the butterfly website ) . But loses its pop quicker than 05 because of less support. Good overall rubber for all round game. What else do you want to know ?

08-07-2012, 06:05 AM

If i put this rubber to Donic Waldner Black Devil Carbon Balsa blade and also, what is suitable rubber FH and BH?

08-07-2012, 04:10 PM
Deadpixel , I would PM Carl Horowitz about the blade thingy if he does not reply to this thread. IMHO Donic Waldber Devil might be a tad too fast for combining with T64. But also depends on how much control you have as a player and what is your playing style

08-07-2012, 04:36 PM
The rubber is good, but expensive. If you have the money, and if you want it, then get it :)

08-07-2012, 05:20 PM
The rubber is good, but expensive. If you have the money, and if you want it, then get it :)

Yeah its a bit expensive and good rubber i hope..

Mr. RicharD
08-07-2012, 10:51 PM
If you are looking for alternatives to T64 I would say try Adidas Tenzone SF or JOOLA rhyzm. Both are comparable but cheaper than the Butterfly.