View Full Version : HELP!! New Equipment.

08-22-2012, 02:52 PM
Hi, Im an intermediate level player in my 4th year of table tennis. Im looking to buy an entirely new bat as mine is very basic. I've identified possible rubbers and a blade but i want to know whether they suit my style and if they will work together to form a good bat.

The Blade is the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood.
The rubbers are Stiga Calibra LT Sounds.

For information about these two items visit 'TableTennisDB'

My Style is aggressive OFF. I play close to the table using topspin most of the time. I rarely rely on spin alone to win a point and instead move the opponent around the table before smashing. I sometimes move back from the table to deal with deep loops or to initiate a longer rally with an opponent. I tend to push any heavy spin and only attack deeper or higher spin play.

These items are expensive and therefore i want to make sure they suit my style well.

Thanks for your comments.