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09-05-2012, 04:17 PM
Hey Guys & Gals,
Need to get rid of leftovers...(DONE EJing=) unless I find something really cheap to try=) okay trade for :
(Joo Se Hyuk DEF , Jun Mitzuntani, 729 Z1, Hao Shaui L5 (7ply wood clipper Clone), Tibhar PowerWood,

5ply ~6.2mm thickness, <85grs
7ply >6.2 & < 7mmmm thickness, <89grs
fast hard composite cpens <89grs(Limba outer or hinoki outer,etc).

Backhand Spinny rubbers(BLITZ, etc)...Please PM for reasonable offers!

FOR SALE / TRADE: (Trade value is different than Sell Price BBC blades are +$125ea)
everthing in USD, shipping included in US, Canada add $3, International + $8 per 2 rubbers. paypal payment or gift.

$210 shipped for the 3x BBC blades, 4x rubbers, free blade, & free rectangular Case
I have 3x BBC (Blades By Charlie) customed blades
1.Osage/Carbon with Cypress Core ~7mm thick customed, & long straight handle, like new $65 97grams
2. Same as #1 Osage/Carbon with Cypress Core, normal straight handle, Show some use, maybe few tiny dings $50 ~7.2mm thick Core is slightly thicker than #1 same weight at 97grams
3. 7ply Carbon Composite 88gr, epoxy added to end of handle to 93(easy sanding to remove), excellent conditions $65 ~5.8mm Thickness Looks likes a rosewood 7 with Carbon (if there's such a blade)

Combo Special: $10 each rubber, only applies when you buy 1+ blades from above

Tibhar Grip-S Red (ttnpp) 99%, played for <1hr
Xiom Vega Pro Black (shrunk)90%, played for <3hrs
Joola Express One Black 75%, played for <10hrs (RPB finger mark)
Moon Pro Red non-tacky 90%, played for <3hrs slight separation topsheet to sponge at 12oclock

FREE CUSTOMED MADE BLADE when you purchase +2 Combos. Blade is 5PLY Straight Handle(extra long) with Jap Face (I called it the Fly Swatter), this blade is high quality craftsmanship. 122grams

Separate Blade sale

Dawei Wavestone Arylate Carbon ~7mm thick ST Handle ~98gr Very good shape, few dings, one splinter on back, Epoxy glued on end of handle to increase balance & bigger hands. can easily removed by sanding $30shipped

Gambler Black Diamond Light ST Handle ~94grs(unusally heavier, more powerful & sturdy) ~7mm thick. (thick Balsa core with Texilium Glass Weave) like new $25shipped pics

For Sale: $22.50 ONLY shipped ea within US

I have BW II red sponge, upgraded version Ordered in 4/2012

red 37°x1, 38°x3, 39°x4, 40°x4
black 39°x3, 40°x4

shark II upgraded version (Vanilla/Yellowish sponge) Ordered in 4/2012
red 34°x2, 35°x3,

BWII RS is super spinny! probably because of the tuned effects. I'm loving it on my FH! the Kick off the table is better than T05, IMO

FT: Shark III National Red Sponge (Red, Soft) Brand new in Package for a Tenergy 05/64 (Brand New ONLY!) or I can throw in an additional special rubber for an Adelie Cpen

YINHE Rubbers:

Mercury V2 39red x1, blk x3 /40°black x2 max: $6ea

All Moons/Suns are Factory Tuned!

Moon Pro sponge (black:purple sponge, red:vanilla sponge)on regular Moon topsheet(Non-Tacky) 36° (black/red)/37°(red only) - $22 ea ONLY

Moon pro non-tacky plays like Tin Arc3, but with a versatile sponge, it's soft (36-37°) and plays like euro rubber(not tensors), very spinny & linear, bouncier than normal chinese rubbers & consistent. it's perfect for my BH & your non-tacky(euro) FH techniques.

Sun pro non-tacky plays like Tin Arc, slightly tacky topsheet, pretty spinny. Perfect to FH users (more for Loop Driving game) as well as BH topspins. UPDATE: This thing is FAST on FH shots similar to tenergies but less feel! IMO

Moon Pro (Tacky) 38°(black:purple sponge/red: vanilla sponge) / 39°(red only) x1 - $22.50 ea ONLY Better than H3/neo Pro, IMO

same bounce & better wood finish than stiga's rosewood...QUICK REVIEW ON NR-70:
Still has the feel of the all wood, but has incredible top gears. works well with Chinese & tensors so it's not a rubber-dependent blade. Excellent short game control, good close & away from table play.
NOTE: *BLADE FACE is slightly larger than Stiga's Compact RW series 150mm compare to Stiga's 148mm*
Mars V2 is slightly tacky at first, but will wear out in a few sessions & becomes grippy(non-tacky), fast but controllable. It's heavy tho. Very Grippy & produces just as much spin as Moon

Moon is fast Non-Tacky, plays like euro tensors, bouncy & spinny & fast. No durability issues as these are the latest batch.
Comes with Tensor protection sheets

Moon Pro is slightly tacky red with white sponge & black with purple sponge, very versatile sponge. Thin topsheet, plays like a hybrid (Tuned Hurricane 3s, Skyline Series, BW II) Even 2.0mm wont bottom out! Red is not as tacky as black. Lighter than most chinese rubbers. Comes with Tacky protection sheets






09-13-2012, 08:05 PM
BUMP looking for Tibhar Powerwood