View Full Version : What is Bryce Speed FX like and should it be for BH or FH?

11-03-2012, 08:03 AM
Hey all!

Getting used to the forum and all, and i'm learning a lot from here, and also contributing a lot, which is awesome :D Gotta say this is a good community! Anyway, back to the topic:

So we all know the common and mainly used rubbers from the Tenergy series, but I wanted to know a bit about the Bryce Speed FX, which is one that I hear a bit but not as much. I wanted to know what is the effect of Bryce Speed FX, and what does it specialise in? I also wanted to know how would it be if I were to put it on a STIGA Clipper WRB Blade; is it good? Will it unlock the rubbers full potential? If it isn't really compatible or doesn't really suit the blade, what should it go with then (APART from Butterfly blades)? And also, would it be good for backhand or forehand? If I were to put it on backhand or forehand, would it be too overpowering or would it be not as effective? Please tell me, I would like to know :D