View Full Version : Xiom Sigma II Europe, anyone?

11-26-2012, 04:11 AM
Hello there,

I am using Omega IV Pro on my FH at the moment. It is time to change it (cut it as I tried hitting a half-long ball). I am wondering if Sigma Euro or Sigma II Euro might be a better choice. Don't have many complaints about the Omega IV Pro. Sometimes my loops off pushes go long with the Omega but from mid-distance it's good.. But I am new to mid-distance game, so hitting/looping from that distance may have changed my technique a little.

Just wondering and tinkering.. :) Anyone tried Sigma II Euro, Sigma I Euro and Omega IV Pro? Any comparisons would be helpful. I am not looking for any rubber to change my game drastically. Small, controlled changes would do.. ;-)