View Full Version : Help with choosing a new blade

12-18-2012, 11:47 AM
Hey guys, while I play a lot of ping pong with my friends and we all have at least decent equipment (I do not mean the average basement player, we actually practice specific strokes and look up training strategies and things like that) I do not have anyone to go to for equipment advice. My first high end blade was the stiga sceptrum, a preassembled off blade. I now use donic bluefire M1 on both sides but I am planning to upgrade my blade. I play an offensive style from both sides but oriented more towards keeping people off balance. I can drive the ball off both wings but throw in lots of varied slices and amounts of top and side spin. So therefore my close game is important as well. I am seriously considering shelling out the money for the timo boll zlf so my first question is whether anyone can vouch for that blade being as good for a varied offense as advertised, and my second question is if the rubbers I use (hard, 98 speed 96 spin) will be compatible with the blade. Thank you in advance,