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02-14-2013, 02:25 PM
Christophe Legout was of the generation Legout-Gatien-Chila, who has been champion of europe 1994, and vice champion of the world in 1997. It is three-time French champion in men's single, and multiple winner in doubles. Here is his interview:


1. Where and when have you started to play Table Tennis?

I started at 11 years old. I was on a cruise with my parents and there were 2 tables on the boat on which I wanted to play all the time. Coming back home, because we had no club in our town, Vence, my parents simply decided to start one.

2. Who or what influenced you to play?

My parents used to travel and my mom used to win some tournaments sometimes...I was playing on our house deck and one day they invited one of their friends, with a very low ranking, who I beat.

3. What was your 1st club? And your evolution in it?

I started in Vence, in Alpes Maritimes. We had no coach and we had one table to start and play on Mondays 8-11pm. After a year I was among the best of the club. I played another year in Vence before joining a club in Nice where a really good coach was in charge: Jean-Louis PELLINGHELLI.

Full interview here: http://www.ttimpossible.com/2013/02/Christophe-Legout.html