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04-24-2013, 05:49 AM

This is fantastic material for table tennis blade.
Most people now think they know this quite well.
And also most table tennis blade designers think that way too.
But I don't think so.
I think I have vast ocean to swim through to find still something new, veiled, hidden in the deep water.

Carbon ply was found by butterfly brand, and later on lots of European brand trid to follow it.
But the first carbon blades shown by Butterfly did not attract European market a lot.
European market thought carbon blade is too much bouncy.

So, Donic, Stiga.... started to make soft thin carbon blade.
And some blades were using carbon layer deeper than second layer.
They thought they can neutralize the carbon's too much bouncy character by keeping it deeper.
But that was little bit dull idea I think.
They didn't have to neutralize; if they really want to newtraize, then why they use it?
Rather they had to find how to harmonize it better.

Some brand used balsa to make it light.
But balsa has a kind of hollow feeling, so when you joint it with some other material, then you need to think about how to make up for that hollow feeling.
For normal long pimple our rubber blades, balsa was good material, because they need that hollow feeling. But for others, I think it should be careful.

Carbon is the most attractive material, among all the artificial materials for blades, I think.
It's solid and hard, very good for adding more power onto the ball, plus not very heavy as you might think.
If this can be matched with good wood, then it's perfect.
It can have good vibration, solid feeling, and also pleasant touch.
That's how I made my blade Hannibal.

I think I will try this material with my next version blade.
I will prove how attractvie a carbon layer can be, with my next blade.
(Oscar, Calix, Calix2, Qabod)

Please, European players, don't think little of Carbon layer.
When it is in good harmony, like in hannibal, it can be really good.
You will see.

(Before closing this passage, for an example, I will ask you to picture one blade, with two carbon 9-ply blade. I think with this composition, I can make 5mm, fast and very spinnyy blade. Don't you agreewith me? That blade will be flexible, even though it has two carbon layers. I want to test it as soon as possible.)

It posted in 2010 by oscar who is nexy designer.