View Full Version : How to glue pimples and what kind of glue should be used?

05-15-2013, 12:15 PM
what kind of glue did you use to your pimples? and how much pressure did you use ?
Dear Vincent, Sorry for my late response. I have been busy, but I will be back on the forum some more. Regarding your question of glue and pimples. I have had some problems getting the pimples on correctly. I think we should make a new topic regarding your question. My problems was due to the very soft sub layer of my pimples (super soft pro version) the corners popped up. In my experience I had to wait very long for the glue to dry up and I had to apply very little pressure. I used Donday Water Glue. To be honest I am not very happy with the way the pimples were glued on. After a second attempt I was more happy and I now are only re-glue my forehand rubber. The pimples now stay on as I like. I am sure the people from this forum have more knowledge regarding glue and maybe they can help you better. I will make a topic for you. Well here is the topic... :p

05-15-2013, 05:35 PM
For OX LP, I use water glue on both rubber and blade. I ask a friend to help hold the rubber while I lightly place the bottom of rubber, then slowly put the rest on using fingers like karate chop hold as I roll bit by bit slowly. Easy does it, do not be too greedy right away or you will fail.