View Full Version : Tenenergy 05 vs Donic Baracuda

05-30-2013, 11:43 PM
I hope someone has experience with both of the rubbers cause I like to know the following differences:

- Throw angle
- Weight
- spin sensitivity
- Durability
- Easier to use overall

06-14-2013, 02:06 AM
Tenergy and Baracuda are actually remarkably quite similar, despite the $25 difference per sheet.

Tenergy has a slightly higher throw angle than Baracuda, so looping heavy chops may be a little bit easier, with a greater arc on the ball. However, Baracuda still has a medium-high throw so they're both perfectly fine for looping. In my personal opinion, Baracuda has more spin than Tenergy, however it lacks a little bit of power and control compared to Ten.

Tenergy often has many complaints of it being incredibly heavy per sheet, but many reviews say it is worth it. Ultimately, with a heavier top-sheet comes more power, but you can adjust this with your sponge layer. Baracuda is not as heavy, but in my opinion, just as good.

Tenergy 05 reacts quite a bit to topspin, although if you have an ALL blade, it should be fine. Baracuda is very good with incoming spin, and would be fine with any blade. Just remember to keep your bat angle low.

Tenergy has many complaints of it being non-durable. Some reviewers claim that with only a few days of playing with it, obvious cracks were in the rubber on the side. However, I've had my Tenergy 64 for about a few months now and it's looking fine. Just don't throw it around on the table. Baracuda has never had complaints about it breaking easily, so Donic wins this one. Maybe because the topsheet is a little bit harder.

I can't really comment how easy either one is to use, since they're suited for different playing styles. Tenergy is noticeably faster than Baracuda, though not quite as spinny. If driving's your thing, use Tenergy. If long, spinny rallies is how you tend to lean towards, Baracuda would be a better rubber. They're both very good rubbers in my opinion, though I would use Baracuda over Tenergy, because it is closer to my style of play.

In conclusion,
Ten has higher throw angle
Ten is heavier
Ten is more sensitive to incoming topspin, though can be adjusted with blade or sponge layer
Bara is much more durable (according to reviewers)

I also personally think that Baracuda is a much better rubber in terms of worth for money. Dammit Butterfly.

Hope this helps :)
Eric T, AUS

06-15-2013, 06:55 PM
Thanx, I'm a loop oriented player on both wings. it surprises me that Ten05 is less durable(price) and less spinny then the Baracuda.

06-16-2013, 05:34 AM
Yes, it is a little bit shocking since you would expect to get an extremely overpowered rubber for ~$80 a sheet but actually, Baracuda surpasses Tenergy in spin. However, Tenergy has a better control, and has significantly more power.