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06-10-2013, 04:25 PM
Hi! I'm Wei Quan! I need help from everybody as i do not know if the equipment will suit my playing style, so i hope everyone cannot give me some comments and advice. Thank you! :D

My playing style: Penhold, Close to table fast attack, two wing attacker with RPB, Good service with not good returns, Flat hit more preferred than Top Spin, Like LGL in the 1990s.

My equipment i'm thinking to buy: Stiga Rosewood XO (Cpen) with DHS Hurricane 3 NEO Provincial 2.15mm Black and Xiom Sigma Pro 2 2.0mm Red

Some say that DHS rubber need to be tune by Haifu Tuner while others say that Xiom Sigma pro 2 is too heavy to be a reverse backhand rubber, they recommend me to put SIGMA PRO2 on the forehand and use Donic/Joola on the reverse side.

What do you think?? pls give me some comments! Thanks!:)

06-10-2013, 06:14 PM
Hey mate,

I used to play with Sigma II Pro on FH. It's definetly not a RPB rubber, It's way too hard & heavy. I play the same style as you and I found Tenergy 05-FX to be the holy grail of RPB, It's just too good not to use it :)

About the blade, I read somewhere that the XO version is not that good, It was an article on a forum. I recommend the Ebenholz V.

About FH, It's your choice but it depends on your looping technique. The Hurricane requires a big swing and tuning in order to exploit all the advantages the rubber has to offer :)
My suggestion would be:

Blade: Stiga Ebenholz V
FH: DHS TG3 2.15 (provincial, blue sponge!)
BH: Tenergy 05-FX 2.1

06-10-2013, 08:28 PM
i think a chinese rubber for your FH will not be good for your style ( flat hiting ) because they are made for looping ( it is just my opinion ) . if you want to use them you have to boost them and using a straight arm loop . i recommend you to use a Tenergy of FH . Tenergy 25 will be a good choice ( it's made for fast attacking near the table ) .

06-11-2013, 03:34 AM
Hi! Thanks for the comments and advice from the two of you! To Kjanko, Why do you recommend the Ebenholz V with TG3 Provincial on the FH? and How's PRO 2 on the FH, is it good? i could only find the orange sponge Provincial. And could i use Bryce speed FX or Donic Acuda S1 Turbo for the RPB? To Alborz, i have use tenergy before and it definitely doesn't suit me i think. I think it's a little slow, therefore i new a faster rubber and i heard that the Chinese rubbers after boosting(tuning) will be way faster. That's what i heard about.

06-11-2013, 11:46 AM
Bryce FX is also good for RPB, but you have to try 05-FX just to feel how great it is :)
Sigma II Pro has a lower throw than 05, much faster with less spin. XO is harder, less catapult. TG3 is better for flat hits (Hurricane 2 is the best).

06-11-2013, 04:07 PM
So Kjanko, should i use TG3 Provincial or Sigma Pro 2 on the FH? Less catapult meaning?? cause i use flat hit style, i though the harder and stiffer the blade the better??

06-12-2013, 08:46 AM
TG3. Sigma II Pro is not for flat hitting.

06-12-2013, 03:40 PM
If you value speed and linear feel, I would suggest Stiga Calibra LT, not many faster rubbers out there. Calibra LT can hit, and when you want to, counterloop. It is a very low throw rubber you will like for your style.

You might want to consider a softer rubber for BH. There are a billion choices. You are likely looking for soft sponge, good topsheet, control, ability to produce spin, and something light, even with max or near max sponge.

One suggestion for BH is Aurus Soft. Another is Evolution FX-P.

T05 is great, but it costs an arm and both legs for just one sheet.

Both rubbers I suggested are not very heavy. You likely will not want a very heavy bat. myself, if the balance is correct, I prefer HEAVY, I mean HEAVY Battle-Ax heavy bats, (think 210+ grams total bat weight) but I am shakehand player.

Edit: Evolution FX-P is a little heavier than average rubber, but not by much. MX-P is seriously heavy.

06-12-2013, 03:55 PM
Another thing to consider the RPB suggestion is weight... T05 in max sponge is a VERY heavy rubber.

That is OK for my preferences on a great balanced blade, but maybe not for our new friend, since he might not want a heavy bat for fast use of RPB.

In forums, it is great to talk about this equipment and that equipment, and also visualize us playing great using it. There is a little bit of truth to that, because without suitable equipment for one's style, we will not play to our potential. You cannot expect to play a flexible OFF attacking game using Anti and OX LP.

On the other side of the argument, it is the training, learning our mistakes, taking effective measures to correct them, and gaining valuable match and tourney experience that helps us the most.

I still believe everyone should strive to get gear that is likely to help the player succeed in their chose style of play. Others can argue about the value of getting "Middle" (ALL+ class blade and allround OFF rubebrs) equipment and learn to be flexible in all phases of the game before settling in on a defined playing style. I can say there is value to that argument as well, but I will never be lumped together with that "pundit" kind of group in this matter.

Whether a player uses a Schlager Carbon (like over half of new Korean amature players) or a Stiga ALL to ALL+ class balde with allround OFF rubbers... it really does not matter.... IF... the player does not read spin well, does not have any footwork at all, has no idea of tactics, no understanding of how to serve/attack or receive the serve... such a player will not likely make it above average club level until they get better at these basic things. These things come from learning, experience, failure, realization of the causes of failure, training, experience, more failure, etc.

06-12-2013, 04:02 PM
Thanks, Der_Echte! You are from Korea?? Annyeonghaseyo! Is not that i don't like my RPB to be heavy, just not so preferred, but still okay. How's your think on my suggestion, Rosewood OX with DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial and Xiom Sigma Pro 2?? I understand your last post, my main strength is service, 3rd ball attack and side spins. However, my returns and topspin-against-Topspin are very weak, somewhat like MaLin, although my style seems to be like LGL. I seem to have problem in returning back with low throw.:(

06-12-2013, 04:16 PM
go with TG3 neo or Vega china, if you want a pre boosted tg3(blue sponge), and for Bh go for either Vega asia or Omega 4 Asia..., i might have a similar style to you.

im currently using Blue sponged tg3 and omega asia, on HHao and it feels very ballanced at the moment, for me anyway

Bryce Fx for RPB wont work unless you like low, non arching rubber, rpb is much easier to accomplish with a med or high throw rubber

T05fx is a good choice ,, you wont really feel the weight of 05fx on cpen unless its a very heavy blade

Imo Omega asia and 05fx feel fairly similar

06-12-2013, 04:20 PM
thanks, decoy! I have never use a chinese rubber before, so i'm still quite scared in using it..HAHAXP Bh can use Sigma Pro 2?? i think the weight around same as Omega 4 Asia right??

06-12-2013, 04:31 PM
For the forehand, you can also try Xiom Tau. Sigma II Pro is too hard for RPB, you won't get much spin and most of your loops will be way too fast & uncontrollable.

I was also afraid of the weight by putting 2x max sponge tenergies on my blade, however It's not that big of a deal. I balanced the weight by using BTY Powertapes.

06-12-2013, 04:39 PM
What abt for FH??( i mean the Sigma Pro II). My style is fast attack, so i thinking to use Sigma Pro II to be on the FH as you say it's very fast, if not then i use DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial...RPB i considering Bryce Speed fx or not can you guys recommend me a fast, spinny but not very heavy rubber for the RPB. I need to conclude soon by latest late june as i going China for 5 weeks for studies and wish to train with the pros there...

06-12-2013, 04:39 PM
think sigma are meant to be the heaviest rubbers for xiom...
omega asia inst purely chinese.. it feels very similar to 05fx which is a good rubber fo prb but obviously expensive.

dunno what RW xo is like, i have a RW5 and used it for nearly a yer then went back to HHao which to me is just a better blade, rw is more of an away from table blade for loops and hitting, clsoe to the table its a bit iffy.

if you never used chinese rubbers especially for fh, then you should use what ever feels good for fh then Omega asia or Vega asia depending on your level

a video of you playing practicing would be useful

06-12-2013, 04:43 PM
Is Hhao good? and i think STIGA RW XO is stiffer right?? I would soon post a video of my practicing...

06-12-2013, 04:44 PM
Thanks, Der_Echte! You are from Korea?? Annyeonghaseyo! Is not that i don't like my RPB to be heavy, just not so preferred, but still okay. How's your think on my suggestion, Rosewood OX with DHS Hurricane 3 Provincial and Xiom Sigma Pro 2?? I understand your last post, my main strength is service, 3rd ball attack and side spins. However, my returns and topspin-against-Topspin are very weak, somewhat like MaLin, although my style seems to be like LGL. I seem to have problem in returning back with low throw.:(

I'm not from Korea, but I have lived here several years and speak excellent Korean.

As for Xiom Sigma II, I have never used it. I have a sheet of Sigma I Euro on the BH of an ALL+ blade right now and I can say on a flexible blade, that rubber can spin the ball on FH wing, but the throw is not very high.

I think the words of Decoy have some value for your RPB properties. You do not want a low throw rubber. You are likely looking for a somewhat light rubber with good feel, good control, excellent spin, and a softish sponge. There are many rubbers that fit this description, take your pick and the differences do not really matter so much as long as those are the specs you need for BH. Yasaka Raska 5 will not be any better than Aurus Soft or vise-versa. Aurus soft is not the only suitable rubber for these specs, but it does everything well with excellent control and its price is VERY reasonable. That is also important as you change out your rubber so much the price can really add up.

For FH wing, you seem to desire a rubber that can good for hitting, possibly low throw as these fast low throw rubbers are excellent for a hitter. Calibra LT is not the only hitting rubber out there, but it will do that mission just fine and it is not very expensive, maybe 1/2 the price of tenergy. In the future, when you decide to learn topspin against incoming topspin, you will LOVE Calibra LT, it is nice for re-looping an incoming topspin. That shot and also the counterdrive vs an incoming topspin is nice when you have a low throw rubber on FH. Think of BTY Bryce back in the day so many LOVED this rubber for exactly that shot. Calibra LT can work for you now and also when you learn to counterdrive or counterloop topspins. Myself, if I am close to the table, I will block or counterdrive fast off the bounce. I do not have the timing to counterloop off the bounce yet, maybe in the future. I can counterloop from distance, but my preferences close to the table are to block or counter. Calibra LT on a stiff blade is a dream for blocking, but if you have good technique, you can block using anything.

IN short, I say choose equipment suitable for your desired specs, or the specs your coach says.

06-12-2013, 04:51 PM
I know of course i have to choose an equipment which suit me...btw, i have no coach. i'm the coach??hahaXP i learn from my mistakes and improve step by step...How abt the STIGA Calibra Tour M?? i know Calibta LT is a good rubber...But i think i like Xiom Better rubber?? if i got the time and chance to go korea, i would definitely like to play with you!

06-12-2013, 04:54 PM
I don't think any of us have tried the Tour series from Stiga as they released a month ago(?).

06-12-2013, 04:58 PM
Now, i'm thinking Xiom Sigma Pro 2 Max on the FH while STIGA Calibra LT on the BH...

06-12-2013, 04:59 PM
for the price and simplicity sake, like actually being able to find the rubber go with vega asia both sides, but thats not for certain.. if you liek to flat hit with fh go with BTY Sriver.

then again sriver both sides isnt a bad choice either.. but we shall see after your video try to cover different strokes in the video include blocking as well.. then maybe a video of a full set or two


from reading your other post it sounds like you are intermediate player, if even...

if you already have your rw XO i guess u could keep it but in reality it will do more harm than good if its too stiff, you would need something more like HHao or yasaka extra ar donnic appelgren allplay

and sriver both sides or sriver Fh and vega asia bh

06-12-2013, 05:12 PM
Now, i'm thinking Xiom Sigma Pro 2 Max on the FH while STIGA Calibra LT on the BH...

lt is horrible for prb by the way

06-12-2013, 05:16 PM
So how's it?? okay mah??

06-12-2013, 05:18 PM
What is back for RPB??

06-12-2013, 05:19 PM
bad* not back...

06-12-2013, 05:22 PM
As previously mentioned Calibra LT is a low throw rubber, you want a soft, high throw bouncy rubber. If there's someone on your city who has 05-FX just try it on RPB. It's magnificent :)

06-12-2013, 05:53 PM
was talkign about calibra lt, ive tried sigma 1 pro and it wasnt great either no feel for the ball

06-12-2013, 06:32 PM
I don't think any of us have tried the Tour series from Stiga as they released a month ago(?).

I tried it out a few months ago at the Korea distributor and sponsor of our KFTTC. I liked it on an OFF to OFF- prototype of the upcoming Tibhar Inca, designed by the president, Oscar. I really liked its feel and pop on my loops. Great combo. Medium everything on that blade, but good pace and spin. The president gave me a free sheet of the H version (I love hard sponge on FH) to use for a tourney. I slapped it on the M. Maze and it wasn't nearly as good a performing rubber as it was on the Inca. I gave the rubber to a friend to use on a Calix II I got for him.

I would say use it if you like, but OP is probably looking for a different property of rubber for RPB.

06-12-2013, 06:35 PM
Now, i'm thinking Xiom Sigma Pro 2 Max on the FH while STIGA Calibra LT on the BH...

The throw of regular Calibra LT is very LOW. You might like that when you counterloop vs incoming topspin. that is a very good strength of calibra LT, that and it is one FAST son of a gun for a sudden attack. You might want a higher throw rubber like Decoy suggests. The softer versions of Claibra LT are not as Low throw though.

06-12-2013, 06:41 PM
We have a C-Pen player who uses RPB. he is mostly a retriever from distance who likes to sidespin the fish or retrieve. Very tricky player. He sometimes stays close toe the table and FH attacks. He has used a lot of different rubbers, but settled on mid soft FH rubber.

On BH RPB, he counters from both close to the table and from distance if you give him a high loop. He steps up, snaps the arm and wrist and WHAMMO, power slpas the piss outta the ball for an almost unstoppable shot that is laser straight, extremely fast, very flat, and has little spin. That is one difficult ball to stop. By the way, he uses Calibra LT on BH RPB.

Not many C-Pen users hit the same way he does, many like to control and spin the ball. Everyone must understand their strengths, their objectives, their level, their future, and choose appropriate equipment.

06-13-2013, 01:43 PM
Hi Guys, i suddenly have the though of using short pips on the FH, like LGL. Haha...either STIGA Royal or Clippa?? which is better?? and for the RPB, i have though of Mendo Energy( be Totally like LGL), or Magna TX, Boost TX or just any tensor rubber i think..:P

06-15-2013, 04:50 AM
Can anyone give me some more advices?? And maybe for the BH, Donic Acuda s2...heard it's quite well for BH..:D