View Full Version : Table-tennis Summer Camp (Portugal ) Prices got all incluided.(Less travel)

Kenta Cipriano
06-28-2013, 03:11 PM
This Summer Camp is placed in Setúbal (Portugal) and any person from everyone that enjoy table tennis can join.
It has the duration of 5 days/4 nights.(Between 19/23 or 26/30 august)
Any doubt about the flyer just put your questions on.
Them page is http://www.ttpor.pt/atema/
Them facebook https://www.facebook.com/ttpor.atema

Have a nice summer! :)

Keep trainin'

The prices per person is €184,5,but they can arrange you a discount in case you come in party.(i.e.6 persons = €153,75 pp)

The prices include:

-Alimentation (all meals included)
-Transport (in case you are from Portugal)
-Training with technical graduates and professionals
-Multiball with specialists
-Medical assistance and massages
-Participation in the tournament TTPOR

It is a pretty nice camp,people is very reliable,you will not regret it and will want to come for more,surely :D
Its pretty cheap,even for who comes from outside Portugal,since the camp is sited near Lisbon Aeroport,and the Association will pick you up there.
If you're looking for a nice time playing table-tennis and people who likes the same,this can be your summer camp.
Im looking for join in it if i find a party,so lets see.
If someone is interested i can contact them about prices for larger groups.

Greetings & keep trainin' :)

P.S.:BTW,is near the beach! ;)