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07-25-2013, 06:21 PM
Ok so I had previous experience with M1 as well as M2, both of which I really enjoyed but went away from for awhile in favor of other rubbers. I was using tenergy 80 on my backhand but wanted to give this new Jp rubber a go. I was expecting a lot out of it, but my initial impressions are very poor. It has a very unforgiving throw angle, and does not impart nearly as much spin as my tenergy did. Now, I have hardly used it, but the ball just doesnt sink into the rubber at all is what it feels like. I also tried it on my forehand and while the loops and hits were better than they were on the backhand side, i still did not feel as though I had a great window and my serves were not nearly as spinny. Could I have gotten a bad sheet? because it is advertised as very spinny but I have not found that to be the case at all.

07-25-2013, 08:59 PM
DanielCRO bought a sheet of JP03/01 so he'll be able to help you soon :)

07-29-2013, 06:10 AM
haha thank you. I was a bit hasty with that comment, as ive gotten more used to the rubber since then. I do feel a bit let down still so i'll be very interested to see the review!

07-29-2013, 05:10 PM
My experience with JP-03 is very similar. I'm a big fan of Bluefire M3 on the FH side, but never liked it on the BH side. I thought JP-03 would be a small step away from the original Bluefire line, but it's really very different. The initial shock was so big, I immediately hated the rubber. However, I've sunk some more time into it since then and I like it much more now, especially on the backhand side. It has almost no low-speed bounce, very unusual for a tensor, and I had it on a very soft blade, which made it feel really dead. I switched it to a harder blade and it felt much, much better, and I think it makes a good loop-focussed general purpose rubber now. You don't get the easy spin of the original Bluefires, but it's far more predictable and linear, and still very spinny in harder shots.

Bishop Rasta 27
08-01-2013, 05:32 AM
actually 'm planning to have one also and would like to create a thread on JP03 until i came across this thread by atwood, thanks...

a friend from dubai once told me and my playmates that this new one from donic plays quite similar to tenergy lines or it may be the answer to expensive tenergy lines just like that of andro's rasant also...at least these two (JP03 and Rasant) have lower price than that of the tenergies...

well, before i can get one, i'll be waiting for the review of DanielCRO about the JP03...by the way, what does JP stands for?
Is it Jorgen Pearson or Japan?...

08-01-2013, 09:05 AM
JP stands for Japan. Apparently the JP series was inspired by the Japanese rubbers or something(still made by ESN though).

I absolutely hate the Bluefire M series. It may have easy spin but IMO ultimate spin just isn't there (especially M3. Sponge way too soft so u can't fully utilize the tension in topsheet to generate spin). I suspect those who said it's spinny were just being misled by its high throw.

By now I've already heard more than few comments saying the JP doesn't have easy spin, which is just a tragedy. Without easy spin there's no way you can play short games regardless of how good the JP's control is(opponents can just flick, flick and flick).

I only tried Rasant Turbo (not the original) but to me it's just simply way better. More speed and MUCH more spin than BF M1-M3(I reckon even more spin than commercial tenergies). Might be a bit too fast for some but overall control is still great. Doesn't bounce up or forward easily in short games because of hard topsheet and low throw.

Some said the spin on normal Rasant decreases dramatically for harder shots but for Rasant Turbo I've found that this is likely to be caused by the very low dwell time(very hard topsheet and sponge) which made most of the previous testers not able to adapt to it. U just need more powerful and accurate swings to fully utilize the spin potential of topsheet, not just the speed of sponge(i.e. a rubber for relatively more advanced players).

Sry for bad English.

Kenta Cipriano
09-23-2013, 12:52 AM
I only can say well for the JP versions.The M series i didnt have opportunity to try them long,cant say much,but the only i played with ( M3 ) was easy to control and with plenty of spin on backhand.Didnt tried it on forehand.(lack of time)

Dancer in the dark
09-24-2013, 11:10 AM
What exactly can you say about JP03?

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Kenta Cipriano
09-27-2013, 02:03 PM
Jp 01 has a flatter arc then 03, Jp01 only needs little pulse adjuste for blocking over the table,being pretty consistent.Jp03 needs a little bit more wrist movement when blocking near over the table.Both are pretty spinny.Im playing with 01 at backhand side and is a bit diferent from the tenergy 05 i used to play with,seems like the ball comes from bat faster with 01,so when looping i need to "close" the wrist a bit more then i did with tenergy.The feeling from 01 or 03 is great,being 03 softer,you can handle it a bit easier.GL

Kenta Cipriano
10-10-2013, 03:11 AM
1 Point missing...JP 01 is pretty consistent,but has a hard sponge imo.Donic says it is Medium,but in a carbon like im using(Joola Fever Fast) is hard like a rock.