View Full Version : Club Loaner paddles?

08-01-2013, 07:08 PM
I’m buying some loaner paddles for my local club. Does anyone have suggestions for brand/style? I don’t want too many choices, so I’m leaning towards Stiga 4/5 stars. I figure they are decent enough to give recreational players a feel for different styles, yet quality enough that a clubber won’t be hindered excessively. I need something off-the-shelf.

08-02-2013, 03:10 PM
I recommend you did what I did for my club...

I went to www.eacheng.net and ordered a bunch of Galaxy 896 blades. That blade costs $10 USD before shipping and is an AWESOME blade for spinning the ball. It is ALL+ in speed and suitable for a topspinning game, whether by a newbie player or a decent player. I have used that blade with Aurus and XP 2008 for the last 4 months before getting my Arirang and I can tell you that 896 is a very suitable blade for both beginners and experienced players who want to spin the ball. Excellent control and spin.

If you want to save money like my club did, then when coach changes out someone's rubber, you keep it somewhere for this use. Put them on blades you get for house bats and you have an uber-inexpensive and VERY functional house bat.

Our club coaches recommend mostly Yasaka Extend HS, so we have a LOT of used sheets of that saved. I gave coach 5 blades that cost $10 per blade and shipping was $20ish USD. Total cost for 5 blades was $70 USD which is cheeper than the price of one average beginner's blade, like Primorac or Korbel...

If you want to use new rubbers, go for a real controllable rubber that is inexpensive. 729 FX and XP 2008 Super Power from Dawei fit this bill. You can prolly find the 729 for $5 a sheet if you look hard and XP 2008 at $7 a sheet. You can make a complete functional bat with 896 and XP 2008 for $25 easy.

Other blades to consider for great price to performance in the control range are the Dawei matrix and the N Series from Yinhe/Galaxy.

I could go on and on about how great my Arirang is, but you are looking for a very inexpensive blade for you club to make functional bats with a decent level of performance for minimal expense. You cannot go wrong with any of the blades I mentioned.