View Full Version : What is your oldest piece of rubber that still plays well?

Knuckle Ball
08-28-2013, 07:30 AM
In trying out my new Adidas Challenge Speed blade, I ran out of rubbers and was forced to use a friend's discarded 10+ year old Sriver L (black) on my BH. To my surprise and glee, the rubber was still very much "usable". On my BH it returned service very well, not very sensitive to incoming spin, blocks with great control. What was most surprising was that it was still grippy and delivered deadly offense on my flicks and backhand loop drives. In short, the rubber was still reliable!

This brings us to the question "What is your oldest piece of rubber that still plays well?"

I also have a Sriver Killer that is some 23 years old and still plays like 75% of what it was when brand new. That's of course when I choose to play with anti on my BH. I guess this does not count as antis really last a long time . . . maybe forever he he.

Please share what rubbers last long for you. (only conventional inverted rubbers)