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03-01-2011, 02:43 PM
today several of the 6th round matches will take place today.

you find the schedule here: http://www.ettu.org/enl_index.php

i dunno if any of you are interested in this, but one of the women's matches, FRANCE vs. BELARUS will take place today at 7:00 pm CET or 6:00 pm GMT. it'll be streamed live at the french federation of TT's tv website @ http://www.fftt.tv/

of course, the commentary will be in french. at least one of the commentators will be former french nat'l team coach, CHRISTIAN MARTIN.

that's a good site to have on your "favorites" list, cuz 2 or 3 times a month they livestream and then post videos from their 1st division league, or "Pro A," as they say over there. a lot of the top players in the world play there, so they often have good matches. some of those matches are posted there on the right side of the page or at the bottom... it's generally the last match or 2...

anyhow, as for the women's match today, though i don't know this for sure, i would expect that the PAVLOVICH sisters will head up the belarussian team. and the french team it's usually CAROLE GRUNDISCH (the french no. 2 woman), AURORE DESSAINT and AUDREY MATTENET (both tied for the french no. 4).

audrey mattenet is the sister of the male french no. 1 (no. 30 in the world), ADRIEN MATTENET. and apparently she's got game, too, cuz, last year, she took out the then world's no. 2 FENG TIANWEI.

anyhow, france is gonna need her today, cuz belarus is the no. 1 seed in their division and france is no. 3.

anyway, i just thought i'd mention this in case some of you would be interested.


03-02-2011, 08:37 AM
nice find i may watch this if im home later

03-04-2011, 08:38 AM
Because it was poorly set up and failed soon after the start of WW2. Some non-europeans were unhappy because they were excluded from it and didn't have a voice about world matters.