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10-05-2013, 09:32 AM
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Tetyana Bilenko is an Ukrainian player, and a defender. World number 65, she reached the 1/16 last in Paris-Bercy in May, with some victory against Seok Hajung and Fujii Hiroko and lost 4-2 against Feng Tianwei.
In 2013 World Cup, she finished first of the first round of group and played top players in the last round ! Let read this interview, and don't forget, Tatyana Bilenko supports TTImpossible !

1. For your first World Cup, and your first match, you have played Korean Yang Haeun,
but you have lost 4-1. How was this match for you?
So, the match against Korean player was my second match, for the first, I have won a Chinese nationalized to Congo and just after my match,she won against the Korean ! When I was going to my second match,

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