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03-14-2011, 08:43 PM
Hey all,

This question is directed towards those of you who use(or have used) a booster/tuner on your rubber.

I have seen lots of people talking about boosters, but nobody(that I've seen) has said that they give good "speed glue" effect.

So my questions are:

Which Booster/Tuner do you use?

What glue do you use to attach the rubber?

How good is the "speed glue" effect, and How long does it last?

And lastly, how do you go about your boosting process? Because I know that lots of folks have their own methods.

Thanks in advance!

(And by the way, I really am enjoying this forum, I look forward to contributing and reading all of your posts/threads in the future, cheers!)

03-14-2011, 11:49 PM
So, in my experience I can only say things such as, for example
Lamp oil - baby oil - lighter fluid - paraffin - Butterfly Speed ​​Optimizer - and so bring on nothing. which brings what is probably the glue Haifu but only for a few hours.
To buy Rubbers which have already been treated also brings nothing because of the Rubber holds more than 6 weeks and then the whole effect is gone. The best you begin with something not at first. Watch the one you'll see the rubber from Butterfly fits you to the durability of the Butterfly is highest. I can play with a Tenergy 05 is a half season. If you treat the rubber well then it also holds more than half a season. The pros tune their Rubbers play the rubber for just one game and then come again the next new on it. If a professional player for about a week playing with the rubber (in training a week) and then switching back, one can imagine that this probably is not tuning effect is long lasting because they use the. I just hope my English was good enough now to understand my post :D