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01-11-2014, 04:37 PM
Hello guys im from Bosnia and Herzegowina and my English i not so good at grammar so please sorry i will give all of me to tell all about my new racket i rewiew him so enyoy.. !!
My new blade is Stiga sense 7.6 carbo..This blade is categorize in stiga high tech series blades..The blade is come in packcage wich look like this:5388
Carachteristics of this blade are :
SPEED: 122

The STIGA Sense 7.6 is built with a special outer veneer produced through a very long drying process. The result is a fast offensive blade with fantastic feeling and sound that helps the offensive player to retain the upper hand in fast rallies. Sense 7.6, with 7 wood and 6 carbon layers, is based on the very popular and world-famous offensive blade, STIGA Carbo 7.6.This blade has medium weight after i tested it i feel very comfortable to attack backspin ball and whit amazing speed and spin of course with new stiga rubbers and this blade you can create amazing powerful shots and amazing spin so this blade is for players who want to finish rallies with winner and for players with fast 3rd attack.. Here are more pictures:

So guys i hope you like it and try this blade its awesome for players and for today modern game... :D


As Dan rewiewed the new stiga calibra tour rubbers i have been impresed and i decide to buy Calibra Tour H on forehand and Calibra Tour M on the backhand.Here is them package:
53925393On the second picture its all my equiqment wich i buy.. :D

First lets gonna talk about my Forehand rubber Tour H.This rubber has really hard sponge and like Dan said in his rewiew this rubber is for more close to the table attacking,of course this my style of the play.But in combination with sense 7.6 this rubber is also good away from the table and its pure awesome for counterhit against spinny shots.This rubber is totally great for my forehand because i love to attack backspin with speed not with too much spin and this rubber is great for speed hard shots so so in combination with this blade this you can not have problems attacking against bacspin and its easier to finish the rallies with winner ...So on my blade this rubber look like this :
53945395 Guys thhis combination is really amazing with this rubber and blade you can create an awesome shot with spin speed and power..And of course you will feel comfortable when blocking ... So must try this combination..Carachteristics of this rubber:
SPIN 127

So lets go now on my backhand rubber Calibra Tour M...Of course i decide to use it on backhand because Dan rewiewed it and said that this rubber is perfect for backhand..As i ttry this rubber on backhand i realise that is incredible easy to flick any serve its not important wich serve is coming if you know how to do the flick you will realise that to with this rubber you can perform an amazing flick because thic factory Fan use this rubber on backhanf..
As i am close to the table attacker i feel amazing with this rubber in long close to table backhand rallies i can load the power and spin wich is really important in close to the table rallies.This rubber together with sense 7.6 blade also create an amazing power and spin when you stay away from the table.This rubber is just great in combination with this blade and i know to this rubber can bee great on all stiga blades of course offensive blades.. :D
On my racket this rubber look like this :

And guys thats all of me about this Stiga combination.You must to try it if you are close to the table attacker and if yuo are on mid distance attacker ..
I really like the combination and the brand new APS technology on the rubbers its totally amazing..So here are some more pictures:

If you have some question post in comment .. :D

01-11-2014, 09:02 PM
Awesome :D

01-11-2014, 09:33 PM
Great review hamolini! Just for your info Fan Zhendong does not use Stiga on his BH. He uses T05 which is stated in a interview.

01-12-2014, 01:16 PM
Great review hamolini! Just for your info Fan Zhendong does not use Stiga on his BH. He uses T05 which is stated in a interview.

I dont now i read it somewhere ..but thank you for information.. :D

01-13-2014, 03:22 AM
How much have you spent on your entire set-up? :)