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02-07-2014, 09:12 AM
Check out this in depth interview about Michael Maze's comeback from injury. Download the interview here. (http://www.ittf.com/stories/pictures/maze_06_02_14.pdf)

Michael Maze quotes, "This is the story about one year of pain, considerable doubt and how important it is to have the drive to eventually come back again."

<a href="http://www.ittf.com/stories/pictures/maze_06_02_14.pdf" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.tabletennisdaily.co.uk/forum/images/mazeinterview2014.jpg"></a>

02-07-2014, 09:21 AM
Michael Maze will be live at the DHS Europe Cup today!

09-14-2017, 11:13 PM
The link did'nt work.

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09-15-2017, 03:10 AM
Height of necromancy !!!!! ... did you check the date when it was posted ? ... more than three years back ..
[QUOTE=gmiller2233;204040]The link did'nt work.

09-19-2017, 02:50 PM
Ho man see that now. Just got caught up in the idea of seeing him play again. Lol

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