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02-20-2014, 07:33 PM
The ITTF has updated the rankings again! The new rankings were published on February 18, 2014.

--- Fan Zhendong joins top 4! ---

Fan Zhendong passes Wang Hao. Feng Tianwei regains her top 4 spot as she passes Wu Yang.

Fan Zhendong - Now World's no.4 - Photo by: ITTF

Past month showed two big events: The World Tour Grand Finals, and the first World Tour of 2014; the Hungarian Open.

Liu Shiwen and Xu Xin - 2014 World Tour Grand Finals Champions - Photos by: ITTF

Dubai has been the center of attention in january. The World Tour Grand Finals were combined with the Star Awards Night afterwards. Top seeds were Ma Long and Ding Ning.

The high level of the players resulted in surprising results on the first day. Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Gao Ning were knocked out in the first round by Kim Min Seok and Masato Shiono. Furthermore the event showed how small the differences are in the top 3: A long awaited rematch between Ma Long and Zhang Jike in the quarter final ended 4-3 and Ma Long kept this form until the final; there he lost 3-4 to the champion Xu Xin.

20 year old Zhao Yan from China surprisingly won against defender Seo Hyowon (4-3), but lost against Viktoria Pavlovich the next day. Pavlovich went on and became the only non-Chinese player in the semi finals. She then lost against Liu Shiwen, who beat Ding Ning in the final.

Daniel Habesohn and Liu Jia - 2014 Hungarian Open Champions - Photos by: ITTF

Christian Süss returned after an injury and became the top seed in Szombathely, Hungary. Li Jiao topped the women's entry list.

Only one of the top 4 seeds made it to the semi finals in the men's competition; Süss was beaten by Tristan Flore, Liventsov and Prokopcov also had to leave early. Eventually the final was a good fight between Daniel Habesohn of Austria and Germany's Steffen Mengel. Mengel raced into a 2-0 lead, but Habesohn kept calm and reversed the match with a 4-2 win.

The top seeded women posted a better performance; only Romania's Camelia Postoaca became an outsider in the semi finals. There she lost to the winner of the tour. Liu Jia, also Austrian, overcame Georgina Pota in the final after being 3-1 behind.

This month's notable changes
4 (5) FAN Zhendong
23 (29) KIM Minseok
35 (47) SHIONO Masato
61 (85) HABESOHN Daniel
64 (80) GAUZY Simon
108 (144) MENGEL Steffen

4 (5) FENG Tianwei
19 (24) JEON Jihee ^
26 (31) LIU Jia
29 (35) ZHAO Yan
31 (39) WU Jiaduo
42 (55) POTA Georgina
63 (77) HAMAMOTO Yui
101 (127) POSTOACA Camelia
111 (144) GRZYBOWSKA Katarzyna
114 (143) GAPONOVA Ganna

Men's World Rankings
1 (1) MA Long
2 (2) XU Xin
3 (3) ZHANG Jike
4 (5) FAN Zhendong
5 (4) WANG Hao
6 (6) OVTCHAROV Dimitrij
7 (7) YAN An
8 (8) BOLL Timo

9 (9) CHUANG Chih-Yuan
10 (10) SAMSONOV Vladimir
11 (11) MA Lin
12 (12) WANG Liqin
13 (13) MIZUTANI Jun
14 (14) HAO Shuai
15 (18) NIWA Koki
16 (16) MATSUDAIRA Kenta

17 (15) FREITAS Marcos
18 (17) ZHOU Yu
19 (20) GAO Ning
20 (19) JOO Saehyuk
21 (21) TANG Peng
22 (22) CHEN Qi
23 (29) KIM Minseok
24 (23) STEGER Bastian
25 (23) BAUM Patrick
26 (25) CHEN Chien-An
27 (26) RYU Seungmin
28 (27) CRISAN Adrian
29 (28) MAZE Michael
30 (30) KISHIKAWA Seiya
31 (32) ZHAN Jian ^
32 (34) JIANG Tianyi

Women's World Rankings
1 (1) LIU Shiwen
2 (2) DING Ning
3 (3) LI Xiaoxia
4 (5) FENG Tianwei
5 (4) WU Yang
6 (7) ZHU Yuling
7 (6) CHEN Meng
8 (8) GUO Yan

10 (10) ISHIKAWA Kasumi
11 (11) GUO Yue
12 (12) SEO Hyowon
13 (13) FENG Yalan
14 (14) JIANG Huajun
15 (14) SHEN Yanfei
16 (16) LI Jiao

In february: DHS Europe Cup, Kuwait Open and the Qatar Open!


02-20-2014, 08:46 PM
Great review as always Steven! Fan Zhendong now in the top 4! I wonder if Yan An will break the top 5? I hope some more European players can break that top 10 mark in the next few years.

02-21-2014, 06:13 AM
Just see this page of ITTF now: http://www.ittf.com/_front_page/ittf1.asp?category=wr
That page have some new abilities for the users such as how they calculated the points and the matchs that a player won or lost in the previous month.
ITTF didn't prepare the World Ranking list at the beginning of the month because they have to add this new abilities to their WR page. Well done by ITTF :cool:

Fan Zhendong will probably be in top 3 next month because Zhang Jike was absent in Qatar and Kuwait Open and Fan Zhendong won the Kuwait Open.

02-21-2014, 09:28 AM
Ma Long and Xu Xin is only 6 points apart. So whoever done well in Qatar will be number 1 in March.

02-23-2014, 06:56 PM
I wonder where Cho Eonrae will be ranked in the March Rankings after his great performance at the Qatar Open! Could see a big jump there.

02-24-2014, 09:15 AM
Xu Xin will be world number 1 on the March Rankings.

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02-24-2014, 09:50 AM
how old is
Fan Zhendong?

02-24-2014, 11:13 AM
how old is
Fan Zhendong?

Just 17 years old!

02-24-2014, 02:37 PM
I wonder where Cho Eonrae will be ranked in the March Rankings after his great performance at the Qatar Open! Could see a big jump there.

Well I am wondering more on where Wong Chun Ting be ;)

02-24-2014, 10:44 PM
Well I am wondering more on where Wong Chun Ting be ;)

Good shout! :)

03-01-2014, 08:39 AM
I think in a coming few year fan zhendong will become no.1

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