View Full Version : Ask JOOLA sponsored players / coaches!

Mr. RicharD
06-25-2014, 08:08 PM
Hey Everyone,

We've got about 9 JOOLA sponsored players and coaches going to U.S. Open next week. We'll be doing some videos with them and we wanted to do an AMA (ask me anything) segment with them.

The players/coaches that we know are going are: Joe Law (Vancouver TTC Coach/Player), Han Xiao (High level US Player/Coach), Steven Chan (High level US Player/Coach), Jeff Ling Huang (High level US Player, current US Double's Champion), Yue Jennifer Wu (High level Player/Coach), Amy Wang (US Girl's Junior/Cadet Team member), Adar Alguetti (US Boy's Cadet Team member), Gal Alguetti (US Boy's Cadet Team member), Sharon Alguetti (US Boy's Cadet Team member), Richard McAfee (ITTF Course Conductor).

Subscribe to our youtube channel to check out the videos and we'll be sure to give shout outs to members here.