View Full Version : TIBHAR 40 +SYN TT First Impressions

07-15-2014, 12:15 PM
I tried the new Tihbar ITTF approve 40+ ball on Sunday. It basically feels like a slower easier game. Yes there is definitely less spin, but this is relative to the slower speed and results in a very similar arc and bounce to previous balls, just at a bit of a slower pace. The bounce seems more consistent, so easier to judge, and the ball doesn't skid at all as is the case sometimes with the existing ball. The lower spin makes it easier to return serve, and combined with the slower speed and more consistent bounce, counter hitting is definitely easier. I can see the ball resulting in lots more long attacking rallies.

As for defensive players I'm not sure. It should be easier for a defensive player to return the ball, but at the same time the slower speed and less spin makes it easier for the attacker, so it could be quite balanced and just result in longer rallies.

I quite liked it overall, think it's going to suit my attacking game and help me as I'm pretty poor at returning serve. If it makes the game easier it could help with popularity of the sport and be better to watch.

07-15-2014, 02:00 PM
Great review of this ball Phill. That is a good point the new ball has less skid. The old ball when it skid that was a pain!

07-15-2014, 06:32 PM
I also tried the Tibhar Syntt 40+ ball on Monday - in a doubles game, without telling the other players tee hee ( this was a friendly knock, not a league match before anyone starts !!! ) Apart from the extreme whiteness of the ball - can only be a good thing - I didn't really notice that much difference. The sound was slightly different, but not so much so as to be irritating; I couldn't detect any lack of spin but the people i was playing with don't use a lot of spin anyway. I had the feeling more of my shots were landing on the table, so just maybe the ball travelled slower/came down quicker. I'm afraid I can't say yet how the ball reacts when properly walloped, as in two sets I didn't get a single chance to smash ( players in my club are very good at denying me the opportunity - it's my penance for daring to be left handed and to serve properly ! )

I think the jury's still out on this one - I'll see if I can get another try at it tomorrow morning.

07-15-2014, 08:27 PM
Was the ball any heavier?

07-15-2014, 09:35 PM
Was the ball any heavier?

I couldn't say without the use of a set of scales far more sensitive than any I actually possess. It doesn't FEEL any heavier ( or lighter ) in hand, but we're not really designed to judge differences measured in micrograms.

07-15-2014, 11:39 PM
Feels slightly heavier to hit, but barely any difference. Definitely less spin, which is most noticeable on service and return, but doesn't make it harder to keep the ball on the table as the slower speed means it has a similar arc when hitting top spins. Gladly it doesn't sound much different to the current ball, and doesn't sound broken like some of the early non approved balls.

Bishop Rasta 27
07-16-2014, 01:50 AM
if that's the case, then it would be easier for beginners to learn more strokes in their play especially those who are working on topspin...if i may ask, because i didn't quite understand about the consistency in bounce, would it mean it does not vary no matter how hard you hit or no matter how you put spin on it?

07-16-2014, 06:38 AM
It does vary as with the existing ball, I meant that it feels easier to read and it does what you expect it to. With the existing ball you tend to get some dodgey bounces and sometimes it skids on the table, the new one didn't do that at all.

07-16-2014, 09:46 AM
It's definitely more beginner friendly. Especially on heavy topspin, that would just shoot of the table. Poly ball has a higher arc and is slower, so easier to counter hit or re-loop. But this only applies to topspin. Otherwise, the bounce is lower.