View Full Version : Will Baracuda hinder my game?

08-20-2014, 09:38 AM
I'm currently using Mark V (2.0mm) on both sides of an All+ blade and so far it has been great. I use the correct form for my backhand while my forehand form is 70-80% correct and I need to work on its consistency. For a player of my level, my serves give my opponents a lot of trouble. This is because I don't have a table at home and basically just practice ball-feeling exercises for around 15 minutes every day which has really helped in getting a lot of spin out of my serves as well as deception.

When playing people my own level, I can get at least 2 points directly every set because of service.

When my rubbers wear out, I was thinking of getting Baracuda on my forehand (in 1.8mm) as it would be able to support my service-based game but as my forehand is still in developmental stage I was worrying if it would be detrimental for my forehand's development if it would not controllable or too specialized (ie. not a Jack of all trades like Mark V). I had thought of perhaps getting it on my backhand but I've read online that Baracuda is meant for the forehand.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this :)

08-20-2014, 09:56 AM
Baracuda is very spinny....your serves are going to get better...but i felt the drives are going weaker...
With mark v the drives and loops are marvellous....with this one i think u have to trade off with the faster drives...

08-20-2014, 11:02 AM
I used to use baracuda 1.8mm on my forehand with DHS skyline 2 2.0mm on my backhand on a andro super cell all+ blade
loved the baracuda on my forehand, literally sounded like you too, won alot of my points just off service, so easy to get alot of backspin and serve it long or short as well as load up top spin.
with it being 1.8 i had a lot of control when paired up with the all+ blade, only thing i did find was i couldnt get much speed when off the table, close and mid distance were decent though, and loops are loaded!!
I did find that i was twiddling on recieve of serve in matches to spin up with the baracuda on my backhand too as the DHS was alot more hard work to generate the spin when receiving a backspin serve, or doing a flick.

ended up going to 1.8 on back and forehand, which worked alot better for me.

Sadly i snapped that blade and couldnt get it again quickly so opted for the andro super cell off-.

i did think personally i couldnt get the same spin off the rubber as it was going that bit quicker off the bat when contacting on serve though.

tried some accuda s2 and bluefire m2 in 2.0mm for my forehand after that which were both nice as i didnt have to whip through the ball as quick when serving to generate spin, felt cause they were softer rubbers, and more grippy than tacky (not that baracuda is that tacky really) but i recently changed away from either of those back to baracuda max on my forehand.

im still adjusting to this now if im honest. its great off the table and definitely better than the 1.8, serves are quicker an spinny but control i find is a bit harder as it pings a little bit more.

for me i think maybe the 2.0mm woulda been better for me

08-20-2014, 10:56 PM
I've been playing the Baracuda in 2.0 for a while and I think it's definetly a good rubber for serves. It can generate a lot of spin, but also speed from a very small movement which makes the receive very difficult for my opponents.
I do have to say though that I find the speed a bit lacking when playing a very direct stroke. It feels as if a hard topspin is faster than the directly smashed ball.

Since I'm using a offensive blade with a balsa core that could be the cause of the problem though. The balsa absorbs a lot of energy and doesn't allow a direct transfer of force to the ball even with harder veneers on the outer layers. It does give you an amazing response to your hand though which is why I play this blade.