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08-31-2014, 03:05 AM
To people use these rubbers.

Why should or shouldn't i get each? Lists pros and cons of each.

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08-31-2014, 04:41 AM
Chinese rubbers
For me, I love using chinese rubbers on my forehand side, especially Hurricane 3 Neo. Chinese rubbers are hard and tacky (not when you move to Provincial or even National series). They produce whole lots of spin when you play your stroke. Some say they are slow and dead, the main thing is you should develop your stroke as the speed is all about your stroke. Chinese rubbers are best paired with flexible blade. I've read most of the article by those chinese, they like to pair Hurricanes with Stiga's blade such as OC and Yinhe MC2. If you're a flat hitter, look for others but if you're mainly winning points by looping (either open ups or power looping) and close to the table, Chinese rubbers suit you best.

Euro rubbers.
For these, I'll break into two: Euro and Japanese (they act differently though)
I used Euro rubbers on my backhand, because they are tensored. As your backhand movement should be more compact than your forehand stroke, a tensor Euro can help you to compensate it. When I first used Euro rubbers on forehand, they act really weird because I'm used to Chinese rubbers. Generating spin require accurate timing as you need the ball to sink into the sponge. In the short game, they are really bouncy but they shines when you go for med-long distance looping. They are more forgiving for some of the people. They had more catapult effect when compared to Chinese rubbers.

Japanese rubbers
Well, I'm planning to change my Vega Elite to Rakza 7 (backhand). From what I know, Japanese rubbers are just like hybrids for Euro and Chinese. Generating spin is easier and it is not as fast as Euro rubbers (a few steps below them). They emphasize on control and spin.