View Full Version : Vladimir Samsonov - Equipment Question Answering

09-11-2014, 02:10 AM
Q: Which blade you are using recently?Ans: I am using Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro, which is pure-wood blade with blue color handle.

Q: Did you use carbon blade before?
Ans: Yes, I had been using several Tibhar blades before and have not changed a blade for a long time. For my previous blade, it is a carbon blade. Honestly, I do not like carbon and fiber. Although these kinds of blades provide more power, I still want to have better control; therefore, I changed back to pure-wood blade.

Q: How long will you change a blade?
Ans: I am very satisfying of my existing one, but if you are taking about regarding on the life of blade, I would replace a new one around half a year.

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