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11-19-2014, 06:16 PM
Hey guys, few weeks ago I got myself some new rubbers to replace my current P7 rubbers. I tried the Rasant Grip, Airoc S and the Tenergy 80FX. Still think the P7 is a great rubber but I just like checking out new stuff :)
Played all of them on the Stiga Emerald and Infinity. just wanted to share my findings on these rubbers.

First something about my style. Two wing looper with controlled FH and a stronger BH. Max 1 or 2 pushes and then off to the offensive, close at the table or in second position . If my opponent attacks first, I will spin over with both FH as BH. I'm playing competition a bit over 20 years already by the way. Well, enough about me, lets talk about the rubbers :)

Rasant Grip (2.1mm)
Rasant Grip is fast enough for true aggressive topspin play at the table and in second position. Despite the speed, this rubber lets you play passively as well, like stop-block or short pushes. So, fast and slow play went okay, however the (big) area between fast and slow didn't work for me. During a game there are enough strokes you are just not able to play at full force. And with such strokes the ball went over the table or bounced too high so the opponent could finish the rally easily. I could not really rely on the Rasant Grip.
With this rubber you can generate lots of spin, but the RG is a bit too sensitive for incoming spin as well. The P7 plays more "compact" and is more easy to predict. The spin in both rubbers are pretty equal.

During matches I was not able to control the RG on the Emerald enough. On the Infinity the Grip is a very versatile rubber but still unpredictable for me.

Tenergy 80 FX (2.1mm)
Didn't like it on the Emerald. Due to the low bounce of the 80FX (compared to P7), many blocks landed in the net, which got me pretty frustrated as I had high hopes of this rubber. But what a difference when I put the 80FX on the Infinity! The blade compensated the low bounce of the rubber and because the 80FX is not very sensitive for incoming spin, the combination of Infinity with 80FX is a true block-monster! Slow block and fast agressive blocks were possible very easily, as well as aggressive, well placed topspin. Backhand flip was a breeze.

Airoc S (1.9mm)
I got the 1.9mm as some reviews mentioned the Airoc S as pretty fast and according to Stiga's rating, the Airoc S is their fastest soft rubber. In the end, the Airoc S is not a fast rubber at all, at least not the 1.9mm. On the Infinity this rubber lacks speed and punch. It is okay for allround and/or controlled topspin play, but smahes or smash-spin is out of the question. It pairs pretty good with the Emerald though. The blade is a lot faster then the Infinity and with the Airoc S you can play aggressively but still controlled topspin play.

Some say the Airoc rubbers lack spin like the Tour rubbers, but I can assure you, the Airoc S does not lack spin at all. You can get loads of spin on serves, pushes and topspin. It does not match the spin of Tenergy, but I can generate more then enough spin.

Most of the players using Rasant Grip are happy with it, but it just doesn't do it for me. I don't like the feel of the rubbr.
Tenergy 80FX stays on the Infinity. Love it!
I am giving the Airoc S a last chance on the Infinity with 3 layers of Revolution 3 glue. Think to replace it with the Airoc M though.

11-20-2014, 02:08 PM
Good reviews, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I think you need 2.1 on the Airoc S to get the power that you want! :)

11-21-2014, 05:47 AM
Raazzz, you could be right. Not sure if the 2mm extra would give me enough extra speed. The Airoc S is a bit softer than expected. Definitely worth a try though, but gonna try the M as well.

11-22-2014, 05:53 PM
Raazzz, you could be right. Not sure if the 2mm extra would give me enough extra speed. The Airoc S is a bit softer than expected. Definitely worth a try though, but gonna try the M as well.

2 mm can do a lot in my experience, but yeah go with the Airoc M, I use it right now and I love the speed :)