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    2016 German Cup Champions Borussia Dusseldorf Sign Anton Kallberg!

    Borussia Dusseldolf are the 2015-2016 German Cup Champions defeating rivals Fulda-Maberzell in the final on the 9th January 2016. Sweden's Anton Kallberg has signed for the German giants as a shock surprise as Patrick Franziska leave the club.

    Anton Kallberg - 2015 European Junior Champion! Photo by: ITTF

    Anton Kallberg currently players for TTC Hagen in the German Bundesliga and has defeated many top players including Tiago Apolonia, Adrien Mattenet, Yan An, Kim Min Seok, Panagiotis Gionis. Anton is only 18 years old and won the 2015 European Junior Champions and is a very promising player and a great signing by Dusseldorf.

    In an interview Borussia's coach expressed, "Anton is the best European Junior player, an amazing talent from Sweden. This signing will help young talents push further in the Bundesliga and their careers. It is great to have Anton on board and we are very happy to have him".

    Anton commented, "playing for Borussia Dusseldorf is something big for any player in the world. The training I am doing with coach Danny Heister is improving me each day and I can learn from the top players in the training hall. It is a perfect training ground for me".

    Check out Anton Kallberg's career high win against China's Yan An at the recent Swedish Open.

    We wish Anton Kallberg and Borussia Dusseldorf the very best in the upcoming season and for future success.

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    1. Suga D's Avatar
      Suga D -
      According to http://www.mytischtennis.de/public/b...n-saarbruecken Saarbrücken has confirmed that. So Tiago Apolonia and him gonna be teammates next season.

      Also Borussia Düsseldorf confirmed that Stefan Fegerl will join their Team next season and Achanta will only play for a very few matches.
    1. TableTennisDaily's Avatar
      TableTennisDaily -
      Quote Originally Posted by fanTT View Post
      Where Patrick will go now??
      I have heard he has left for Saarbrucken, we await for more news FanTT
    1. fanTT's Avatar
      fanTT -
      Where Patrick will go now??
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