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    SENSATIONAL! 15 year old Mima Ito defeats Ding Ning at the 2016 Asia Olympic Qualifications!

    The spectacular Asian Qualification Tournament for Rio Olympics 2016 has commenced! Players throughout ASIA are competing for a place in the prestigious Rio Olympics. This morning on the 14th April Japan's Mima Ito caused the biggest upset of 2016 defeating reigning World Champion Ding Ning! You can watch the final moments unfold below:

    Mima Ito victorious over Ding Ning - Photo by: ITTF Flickr

    The Asian Qualifications for Rio Olympics are well underway, some users are saying this tournament is more stronger than the Olympics itself! The vast quality of players within Asia is extraordinary. Japan's Mima Ito has caused one of the biggest upsets in recent times with a 4-2 win (6-11, 11-9, 12-10, 11-5, 6-11, 11-9) over Ding Ning!

    In an interview with ITTF Mima expressed, "I am so happy, I did not think I could win, it is unbelievable".

    You can follow all the latest action from the Asian Olympic Qualifications on TTD here. For all the latest videos from this spectacular qualification even check out our media library.

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    1. manosb's Avatar
      manosb -
      wow.She is just incredible
    1. Ardenhouse165's Avatar
      Ardenhouse165 -
      Merely joking that the 15 year old has done extremely well to beat her older opponent, and that in my day I was taught to respect my elders, and let them win!!
      Nothing sinister, just a laugh .
    1. michiy's Avatar
      michiy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ardenhouse165 View Post
      The youth of today, don't they have any respect for their elders!!
      Great achievement though.
      What do you mean?
    1. anchorschmidt's Avatar
      anchorschmidt -
      And now she had to withdraw because of injury. Bad luck
    1. Ardenhouse165's Avatar
      Ardenhouse165 -
      The youth of today, don't they have any respect for their elders!!
      Great achievement though.
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