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    • Fan Zhendong Is The 2016 China Open Champion! (VIDEOS)

      The first major event post Rio Olympics took place this week in Chendu, the China Open from the 14th to 18th September 2016. The Super Series World Tour event saw the worlds top players take part in the mens singles, womens singles, mens doubles, womens doubles, under 21 mens singles and under 21 womens singles. The Men's Singles Final saw Rio Olympic Champion Ma Long take on world number 2 Fan Zhendong. In the women's singles final saw Liu Shiwen vs Ding Ning.

      Full results plus videos below.

      Fan Zhenong Champion of the China Open - Photo by: ITTF Flickr!

      For the first time ever in World Tour history Fan Zhendong stands victorious over Ma Long. Rio Olympic Gold Medalist Ma Long stood no chance against the fast improving 19 year old from China as Fan Zhendong disposed Ma Long in 4 straight sets!

      In an interview with the ITTF Fan Zhendong expressed, "I have learned a lot from Ma Long over the years, he is a very strong opponent and difficult to beat. Tomorrow I will head for the National Championships in Anshan and then ill go to the World Cup in Germany. I am very happy and lucky to be attending the World Cup. I will keep on going."

      On route to the final Fan Zhendong eliminated Yeh Chih-Wei (4-1), Yuto Muramatsu (4-1), Zhou Yu (4-2) and Wong Chun Ting (4-2). In the other half of the draw Ma Long defeated Chee Leong (4-0), Kenta Matsudaira (4-2), Vladimir Samsonov (4-0) and Zhang Jike (4-3).

      Watch the Mens Singles final unfold below:

      Men's Singles Final: Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong

      Women's Singles Final: Liu Shiwen vs Ding Ning

      Congratulations to Fan Zhendong and Ding Ning winning the 2016 China Open! For all the latest news, results and videos from the China Open click here. To catch up on all the latest highlighted matches from the China Open visit our Media Library.

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      Comments 6 Comments
      1. MaLongSenpai's Avatar
        MaLongSenpai -
        Thanks for spoiling it!
      1. Tryzerlol's Avatar
        Tryzerlol -
        Don't visit a forum with a news section if you don't want to get spoiled ...
      1. ghonau's Avatar
        ghonau -
        I am not 100% sure that Fan was using Infinity VPS in China Open, have checked lots of photo but not clear one to see what he was using any thoughts?
      1. Tryzerlol's Avatar
        Tryzerlol -
        It's pretty well known by now that FZD is using a Viscaria just like Zhang Jike. He just has the handles from an Infinity VPS on it.
      1. Boogar's Avatar
        Boogar -
        Is it just me or has FZ started to do more step around's and in general use his FH more?
      1. Epid3xia's Avatar
        Epid3xia -
        To me it seemd like both tried to avoid each others strength on their forhands. It made the game weird to watch for me. I guess FZD won because he took more risks and was much more fresh and eager to win than ML. I think ML was tired after the huge stress of the olympics. It costs a huge amount of energy to be a favourite and to be the predestined winner of the CNT. FZD wasn't under much pressure during that time. ML didn't look very fluid and agressive in his positioning at the table. This is no excuse, it's just something to consider.

        None the less the scoreboard looks pretty bad for ML. I don't want to say FZD wiped the floor with ML but what can you say about a 0-4 defeat. It was very impressive how FZD played.
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