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    Liu Guoliang Opens Fire On Players In Brutal Speech!

    The Chinese National Team (CNT) are currently fighting for a place to represent China at the 2017 World Championships via the prestigious China Trials. After the second stage, Liu Guoliang had some brutal words to say to the 12 men still standing in a speech that has gone viral across the world! These players have been named, "The Strongest 12 on earth".

    Liu Guoliang giving CNT players brutal speech!

    The translation is taking from this video below which surfaced a few days ago. Liu Guoliang talks to his players openly in the most brutal way!

    Translated speech below of Liu Guoliang talking to the 12 strongest players on Earth:

    Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong

    "The performance of Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin is normal. They did not show the purpose of competition. They did not set the standard high enough. They have not tried to win at all.

    Xu Xin had tried something new but little had changed. His style is a bit outdated. Time to raise the alarm. What do you need to do next, especially after the new ball which requires strong countering. How can you survive the next table tennis cycle."

    Xu Chenhao, Liu Dingshuo and Zhou Yu

    "Some players played pretty good. Such as Xu Chenhao, Liu Dingshuo. They showed excellent fighting spirit and the will to win which helps a lot in their higher than expected ranking. And Zhou Yu played good too."

    Wang Chuqin and Yu Ziyang

    "As for the last two ranking players Wang Chuqin and Yu Ziyang, they not only lost the matches, but their spirit was so negative. A player should always be alert no matter what he is playing, whether its going for the towel or picking up the ball. You can blame Wang Chuqin for his age but it is the body of Yu Ziyang that matters. Not tight, slack like a young kid. He should practice with Team B in third floor, or even the Women's Team on the 5th floor. Not strong enough in this Men's competition."

    "The Coaching Team took the decision to pick 2 players. One is for the purpose of unforeseen injury of top players. Second is observation and training of new players. If you can impress us coaches, we will give you an opportunity, another chance of trials and training. Only a small group can go to World Championships, but this is a chance you have to grab, to fight for it, until you succeed."

    Zhang Jike

    "Let's talk about Zhang Jike from the trials in 2010 to his win in the final of World Team Championships. He grabbed the chance to beat Wang Liqin. At that time Xu Xin, Zhang Jike and Ma Long beat the big three Wang Hao, Wang Liqin and Ma Lin in the trials. Then they fought for the 2 tickets to World Team Championships. You need to fight for your chance, not be given it by me. The same goes to you all. Zhang Jike grabbed the chance and went on to win the 2010 World Championships and finally London 2012 Olympic Games and became the Grand Slam Champion. That is one step after another, no less."

    Ma Long

    "Ma Long on the other hand was ahead of Zhang Jike in 08 and 09, but he lost 0:2 to Timo Boll in 2010 World Team Championships. In that final Zhang Jike won and Ma Long lost. In 2011 World Championships Ma Long lost to Wang Hao in semi finals. So there is no more chance for Ma Long in 2012. No Single in London after losing those 2 matches. But from 2012 to 2016, Ma Long did not loose to foreigners no matter big or small. That was time to grab his chance one after another until 2016 and became the Grand Slam Champion. Both Ma Long and Zhang Jike traveled the same route. Does any young player have this dream here? Confidence? Persistent spirit? Ambition? I see these characteristics only in Fan Zhendong at the moment. Liang Jinkun has some but still far behind."

    "You simply can't waste your chance. Waste your chance and you will be punished. Grab the chance and then you will be successful. It is up to you. I see progress in Liang Jingkun after the China Super League. I will keep an eye on him. But suddenly it all went after losing to Liu Dingshou and Fang Bo. Proceed from rank 1 to rank 4 is not the same in the eye of coaches. We observe you and your future."

    Shang Kun

    "As for Shang Kun, we see your effort after so many years. You are not bad. Any one will be scared facing you. You are quite balanced. But always loose the initiative in critical moments. Why? When everyone is fighting for their life, you play stupid and do not make a single noise. People will think you are here playing chess. No sound or expression no matter the win or the loss. You should give some encouragement and confidence to yourself. Try to release your inner self."

    "Stage 3 will be held from 3rd to 10th of March in Shenzhen. We have spent a lot of time thinking to make this the absolute highest standard. They named you the "Strongest 12 on earth" for a reason. I don't dare to brag or boost but they did, after all no one can easily beat us. We want Zhang Jike and Ma Long to prepare well and be their best for Stage 3. Any match with Ma Long or Zhang Jike is of the highest level and everyone wants to see you them play. The rest of the 10 players need to beat them and grab the spare two tickets for the 2017 World Championships. Just like the way they grabbed their tickets back in 2010. It is the only way to survive. You can't expect to wait for them to retire and take their place. See what Lin Dan is doing. Zhang Jike won't retire unless you beat him. Ma Long won't give you his place unless you beat him."

    For more details on the China Trials visit here.

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    Translation provided by TTD Moderator TurboZ
    Photos by: Instagram user TableTennisChina
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    1. sanavasaraja's Avatar
      sanavasaraja -
      Damn son hahaha, guoliang spitting fire

      i might add: if my chinese serves me right (without too much spin! ), and if "not bad" is a direct translation (bu cuo), it usually has a more positive connotation than how i personally perceive it to be in english

      meanwhile in europe "the second set wasnt all that bad, look, i know youre 0-3 behind, but i still believe you can do it if you concentrate!!! remember: me and all your friends stand behind you no matter the result!!"
    1. Garrison's Avatar
      Garrison -
      lmao it looks like their opponents don't try at all. Ding Ning and co are really good players but it is similar to tennis where women just don't have enough power. So many balls Yan Sheng could easily attack but he just brings it over the net. Like what is that return at 2:55?
    1. countrybread's Avatar
      countrybread -
      Quote Originally Posted by LordPippington View Post
      Do you have those video links handy?

      Painful to watch these videos, unless they were ordered to lose to the women? Just wondering?
    1. LordPippington's Avatar
      LordPippington -
      Quote Originally Posted by countrybread View Post
      The A team CNT women are actually very good! In the videos I saw they beat the male players (B team). What's Liu talking about? HAHA!
      Do you have those video links handy?
    1. Der_Echte's Avatar
      Der_Echte -
      Coach making a good case to steal away my moniker of Trouble Maker.
    1. Baal's Avatar
      Baal -
      All for show. He knew the cameras were running.
    1. countrybread's Avatar
      countrybread -
      The A team CNT women are actually very good! In the videos I saw they beat the male players (B team). What's Liu talking about? HAHA!
    1. UpSideDownCarl's Avatar
      UpSideDownCarl -
      Some people respond positively to this kind of exhortation. But not everyone.

      Interesting to hear him explain why Ma Long did not get into the 2012 Olympics.

      Sent from The Subterranean Workshop by Telepathy
    1. Tryzerlol's Avatar
      Tryzerlol -
      Quote Originally Posted by Garrison View Post
      what are they gonna do when they are in an olympic final against some foreigner?
      non-chinese in the final, as if that's ever gonna happen
    1. Ilia Minkin's Avatar
      Ilia Minkin -
      Try imagine yourself Rosskopf saying something similar to the national team in public.
    1. Garrison's Avatar
      Garrison -
      He wants to test their commitment. If a player hears that and it makes him quit, he is not dedicated enough to be a true champion. If these words from the coach make them crumble, what are they gonna do when they are in an olympic final against some foreigner?
    1. Takkyu_wa_inochi's Avatar
      Takkyu_wa_inochi -
      "You could go to play with the Women's Team !" - Liu Guo Liang
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