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    Zhang Jike Withdraws From The China Trials 2017!

    The Chinese National Team (CNT) are currently fighting for a place to represent China at the 2017 World Championships via the prestigious China Trials. The relentless China Trials are now in round 6 of the 11. The last 12 players standing have been named the Marvellous 12 "The Strongest 12 on earth".

    Zhang Jike forced to withdraw due to injury

    Unfortunately the screaming fans for Zhang Jike at the prestigious China Trials this week will not see their favorite in action. The Olympic Champion has been forced to withdraw from round 6 of the 11 due to his ongoing foot injury. Zhang Jike has shown a huge lack in performance in this tournament and struggled with movement. According to the ITTF, Zhang Jike hopes to play in the next round if his injury improves.

    Elsewhere, Ma Long tops the averages in the men's event whilst Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen are joint top of the women's category.

    Ranking after 6 of 11 rounds (5 Mar 2017):

    1) Ma Long, Xu Xin (5:1)
    3) Liang Jingkun, Fan Zhendong, Lin Gaoyuan (4:2)
    6) Zhou Yu (3:3)
    7) Zhou Qihao, Yan An, Liu Dingshuo, Zhang Jike, Xu Chenhao (2:4)
    12) Fang Bo (1:5)

    1) Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen (6:0)
    3) Mu Zi (5:1)
    4) Chen Meng, Yuan Xuejiao (3:3)
    6) Wang Manyu, Zhu Yuling, Feng Yalan, Gu Yuting, Chen Ke, Li Jiayi (2:4)
    12) Wu Yang (1:5)

    There are 5 tickets up for grabs for players to represent CHINA at the upcoming World Championships in Dusseldorf! So far Ma Long, Xu Xin, Liang Jingkun, Fan Zhendong and Lin Gaoyuan are looking in good stead, lets see how the rest of the matches pan out. Today we will see round 7 of the China Trials.

    Catch yesterday's match up between Zhang Jike and Xu Xin.

    Day 4 schedule (6 Mar 2017): Chinese time (GMT +08:00)


    Zhou Yu vs Fan Zhendong
    Zhou Qihao vs Fang Bo

    Ma Long vs Liang Jingkun
    Liu Dingshuo vs Xu Chenhao

    Zhang Jike vs Lin Gaoyuan
    Yan An vs Xu Xin

    Ding Ning vs Mu Zi
    Li Jiayi vs Chen Ke

    Yuan Xuejiao vs Wu Yang
    Feng Yalan vs Zhu Yuling

    Liu Shiwen vs Gu Yuting
    Wang Manyu vs Chen Meng

    Yan An vs Fang Bo
    Liu Dingshuo vs Zhou Qihao

    Xu Xin vs Liang Jingkun
    Zhu Yuling vs Yuan Xuejiao


    Zhou Yu vs Ma Long
    Li Jiayi vs Wang Manyu

    Zhang Jike vs Fan Zhendong
    Lin Gaoyuan vs Xu Chenhao

    Chen Meng vs Ding Ning
    Gu Yuting vs Feng Yalan

    Mu Zi vs Liu Shiwen
    Wu Yang vs Chen Ke

    Ma Long vs Fan Zhendong
    Xu Xin vs Lin Gaoyuan

    Zhang Jike vs Liang Jingkun
    Yan An vs Xu Chenhao

    Zhou Yu vs Zhou Qihao
    Li Jiayi vs Chen Meng

    For more details on the China Trials visit here.

    For all the latest news, results and videos from the China Trials for World Championships 2017 click here. To watch all the latest highlighted matches visit our Video Library.

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    Photos by: ITTF and Warren Little
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. Jaffar Lone's Avatar
      Jaffar Lone -
      foot injuries take time to heal. Might have had this injury from his previous workload and it flared up in these trials.
    1. Shifu's Avatar
      Shifu -
      He should rest until fully recovered, does not make sense to play with 70% and then injure again.
    1. _a8e_'s Avatar
      _a8e_ -
      Poor guy can't catch a break lately.
    1. ZhiJie's Avatar
      ZhiJie -
      From Chinese website, ZJK only withdraw from the Stage 1 of the competition. He still hope to continue in Stage 2 (from 8~10March).

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