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    Dimitrij Ovtcharov Signs Up For The $1.5 Million T2 Asia Pacific League!


    On the 11th April 2017 T2 Apac announced the confirmation that European Number 1 table tennis player DImitrij Ovtcharov will participate in this summers T2 Asia Pacific Table Tennis League! This is fantastic news with last month Timo Boll and Jun Mizutani confirming their participation to!

    This will be a great show for fans across the world. 12 male players and 12 female players will be competing in the new league from June to December in Hong Kong, which has an impressive $1.5 million prize fund!

    Dimitrij Ovtcharov Confirms Participation!

    Dimitrij Ovtcharov the world number 6 will be competing in this summers inaugural T2 Asia-Pacific Table Tennis League (T2APAC) alongside team mate Vladimir Samsonov of his Russian Club Fakel Orenburg. Jun MIzutani also plays for this club in the Russian League.

    In an interview Dima expressed, "I am really excited to take part in this new format and play against so many top players. I think it will bring a lot of excitement to the sport, a ‘fantasy table tennis’ element that will invigorate the game that will attract new fans and give lifelong supporters more to cheer about.”

    One key characteristic of the league will be each match has a limit of 24 minutes whereby players have to try and win as many sets as possible within the duration.

    Frank Ji the Chairman of T2APAC said, "It is exciting how quickly the League is growing with the addition of European star Dimitrij Ovtcharov. We have much more to announce in the coming weeks to keep fans excited, stay tuned!"

    A T2 Apac spokesman has expressed, "we are currently talking to the best players in the world, and we definitely have plans to include them". Perhaps we will see some Chinese players signed up soon? Ma Long or Zhang Jike perhaps?



    1) Dimitrij Ovtcharov
    2) Timo Boll
    3) Jun Mizutani
    4) Vladimir Samsonov
    5) Joo See Hyuk
    6) Paul Drinkhall
    7) Chen Chien An
    9) Aleksandr Shibaev


    1) Feng Tianwei
    2) Cheng I Ching
    3) Jeon Ji Hee
    4) Suthasini Sawettabut
    5) Elizabeta Samara
    6) Yang Ha Eun
    7) Matilda Ekholm

    There are 24 spots up for grabs, over the next few weeks T2APAC will be drip feed the remaining 10 participants to the public. Who do you think will be the remaining 10? Be sure to write in the comments.


    T2APAC are introducing several innovative ideas to spice things up for the sport. There goal is to make the sport more spectator friendly by incorporating slow motion presentation while adopting a player draft and a unique scoring system. Time limits of 24 minutes per match will be imposed on each match. These innovative concepts will be introduced in the hopes to improve rallies but hopefully great for the spectators.

    What do you think of these new concepts?

    Stay tuned on TTD for all the updates from the exciting T2APAC LEAGUE for the line up, draws, seeds and more.

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    Photos by: ITTF Flickr
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    1. TT_Rogue's Avatar
      TT_Rogue -
      everybody who trained a bit table tennis in his life will know what effect the 24min rule will have --> none. Trainingssituation : you are playing just one set but you are not told when it is ending. Just at some point your coach tells to stop. So are you changing how you play? Of course not - because it's simply the worst what you can do. They are professionals - so you think that this is affecting them at all? If they are playing else in this "league" then because they got payed for it.
    1. Kelpo's Avatar
      Kelpo -
      Quote Originally Posted by NextLevel View Post
      They need to get Aruna
      Yes I agree . That would be great!
    1. NextLevel's Avatar
      NextLevel -
      They need to get Aruna
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