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    • Tomokazu Harimoto Defeats World Number 1 Fan Zhendong | Asian Cup 2018

      Incredible news just in as 14 year old wonderkid Tomokazu Harimoto defeats world number 1 Fan Zhendong at the Asian Cup!

      Harimoto sends shockwaves to CHINA! Photo via ITTF Flickr

      3 weeks ago Harimoto played Fan Zhendong at the World Team Cup, where Fan from China outplayed the Japanese wonder kid. This left people to doubt the boys ability even though the wonderkid is only 14 years of age and has only just started his sensational career. Yesterday however the 14 year old talent took out Fan Zhendong in 4 sets with scores 11-8, 8-11, 11-9, 11-8. This is massive news for team Japan as their World Team Championship campaign begins at the end of this month!

      Watch the MATCH unfold below between Japan's Tomokazu Harimoto and China's Fan Zhendong!

      Watch the full video playlist from the Asian Cup in the TableTennisDaily Video Library.

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      Comments 12 Comments
      1. EmRatThich's Avatar
        EmRatThich -
        well played, Harimoto! You are improving faster than expected. I wonder did Fan Zhendong lost to him on purpose?
      1. Charli's Avatar
        Charli -
        well played harimoto
      1. I ❤ Table Tennis's Avatar
        I think Fan Zhendong had a emotional issue thinking: "Will I loose the game to a child?"
      1. Takkyu_wa_inochi's Avatar
        Takkyu_wa_inochi -
        Now Harimoto can play against Zhang Jike
      1. tsunami902's Avatar
        tsunami902 -
        World cup team championship fzd defeat t. Harimoto 3-0 and check the scores. In purposed
      1. Shijiru's Avatar
        Shijiru -
        you done ma long, zhang jike now fan z... that spot will just be tougher movin on!
      1. Takkyu_wa_inochi's Avatar
        Takkyu_wa_inochi -
        younger sister wants to beat big brother, just seen a program about her on Japanese TV !!

      1. Shijiru's Avatar
        Shijiru -
        thanks for awesome update dude... hahaha always like this... sibling rivalry hahaha... let's see who has more heart... ^_^
      1. matheusmp87's Avatar
        matheusmp87 -
        Tem grandes chance se se tornar numero 1 do mundo.
      1. sam1409's Avatar
        sam1409 -
        Well played Harimoto
      1. Leghack's Avatar
        Leghack -
        Well dome Harimoto
      1. Takkyu_wa_inochi's Avatar
        Takkyu_wa_inochi -
        Quote Originally Posted by EmRatThich View Post
        well played, Harimoto! You are improving faster than expected. I wonder did Fan Zhendong lost to him on purpose?
        Do you also wonder whether Lin Gaoyuan lost to Harimoto on purpose LOL
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