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    • The Marvelous 12 is back... Everything you need to know!

      The Chinese national team selection competition dubbed the Marvellous 12 by fans is back. This is the competition used by the Chinese table tennis association to select one of China’s top players to represent the nation at the ITTF World Championships in Budapest this April. One singles entry out of the five available by each association will be awarded to the winner of both the men’s and the women’s round robin competition.

      Ma Long and Fan Zhendong - World Championship Final 2017 - Photo: ITTF

      The tournament will be split into 2 phases. Phase 1 will happen over the 12th - 17th February. During this phase 12 players will compete for 6 out of the 12 places available for the Marvellous 12 tournament. Likely participants for phase 1 of the men’s competition include:

      01) Zheng Peifeng
      02) Zhou Qihao
      03) Liu Dingshuo
      04) Yan An
      05) Fang Bo
      06) Zhou Kai
      07) Zhao Zihao
      08) Xue Fei
      09) Sun Wen
      10) Yu Ziyang
      11) Ma Te
      12) Yu Ziyang

      Phase 1 of the women’s competition will likely include:

      01) Sun Yingsha
      02) Chen Xingtong
      03) He Zhuojia
      04) Muzi
      05) Feng Yalan
      06) Gu Yuting
      07) Chen Ke
      08) Che Xiaoxi
      09) Wang Yidi
      10) Sun Mingyang
      11) Liu Gaoyang
      12) Zhang Rui

      The top 6 from phase 1 will move to phase 2 where they will be joined by players that have pre-qualified for the tournament based on previous performances.

      These pre-qualified players include: Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fan Zhendong, Lin Gaoyuan, Liang Jingkun, and Wang Chuqin. (Zhang Jike voluntarily withdrew). The prequalified players for the women’s tournament include: Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, Chen Meng, Zhu Yuling, Wang Manyu, Wu Yang. It is rumoured Ma Long will be playing in the Marvelous 12, find out more about Ma Long's current situation here.

      The marvellous 12 tournament will begin on the 28th February and will be completed on 3rd March. So who do you think will make it out of phase 1 and into one of the strongest tournaments in the world?

      Whilst your waiting check out this unbelievable switch hands shot during the Marvellous 12 competition in 2017.

      Who do you think will qualify for the World Team Championships 2019?

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      1. Zaid323918's Avatar
        Zaid323918 -
        The picture you have is of the semi final between Ma Long and Fan Zhendong at the 2015 WTTC
      1. pongfugrasshopper's Avatar
        Wow! Yu Ziyang is both the 10th and 12th player
      1. Shathe's Avatar
        Shathe -
        Is it gonna be broadcasted anywhere?
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