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    • Liu Guoliang on whos better: Jan Ove Waldner or Ma Long!

      Last weekend saw Ma Long claim gold at the 2019 World Championships. This is the third World Championship title Ma Long has secured in his career, bringing up the question among many fans, does this make Ma Long the greatest table tennis player of all time? Well one person had their say, Liu Guoliang!

      Liu Guoliang and Ma Long (Photo by ITTF Flickr)

      USA's Kanak Jha just finished a practice session with Ma Long on the 19th April and asked the question to Liu Guoliang, "who would win between Jan Ove Waldner and Ma Long when both players are at their peak with the celluloid ball?" Liu responded, I think Jan Ove Waldner would have won. However with the plastic ball Ma Long would win".

      There we have it guys, does this settle the dust? Both Ma Long and Jan Ove Waldner were absolute monsters in their generation. One has to argue, if Ma Long wins the Tokyo Olympics next year will this make him the ultimate greatest table tennis player of all time?

      Watch Ma Long vs Mattias Falck in the final of the 2019 World Championships:

      Let us know in the comments who's the greatest table tennis player of all time.

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      1. suds79's Avatar
        suds79 -
        Seems to make sense. The other day I was caught up in the moment thinking "Ma Long is the GOAT." And he very well could be. But there have been too many changes in the game with ball to call one person a winner.

        38mm era? Hard to say. JOW would be a good choice. So would Liu Guoliang. Could Ma Long have played in this era and been great? Sure. But really no idea if he'd be the best.
        40mm era? I guess you could say Ma Long. But really ZJK was clearly the best during this span in his prime pre injuries topping Ma Long in the biggest moments.
        40mm+ ? Sure lets go Ma Long.
      1. Takkyu_wa_inochi's Avatar
        Takkyu_wa_inochi -
        I think its just a diplomatic answer from LGL to a question which makes little sense anyway
      1. EmRatThich's Avatar
        EmRatThich -
        In term of achievement, I think Ma Long is still the best player in table tennis.
      1. phillypong's Avatar
        phillypong -
        Let us be honest ( i am a big Waldner fan ) , Ma Long is the GOAT , even Waldner will admit this.
      1. phillypong's Avatar
        phillypong -
        Let us be honest , Ma Long is the GOAT.
      1. Konrad Bak's Avatar
        Konrad Bak -
        Ma long after 3 different injuries at the same moment with his motivation and performance is goat..
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