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    Its official - Timo Boll is the new World Number 1 Table Tennis Player!!!!

    After 7 years, Timo Boll has now finally made his dream come true, of being the World Number 1 table tennis player on the planet! Its official, 3rd January 2011. What a great start to the New Year

    Photo by: Remy Gros

    Due to his back injury in 2003, the world number 1 was not able to maintain training and was having to rest and do lots of rehabilitation. Due to this, this gave a decline in his performance and he lost his number 1 spot after 7 months.

    However, after years and years of determination and correct training, Boll has shown some amazing performances against the top Chinese players on a consistent level. Thus, its allowed him to gain more points and reach the number 1 spot.

    Theres lots of speculation that Boll is number 1 due to Ma Longs absence as he has had an anckle injury, however, Boll furely deserves this place. It may not last for 'long', due to Ma Long however all the same. Congratulations Timo Boll, The new world number 1!

    How long do you think Timo Boll will stay number 1??

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    1. herblord3's Avatar
      herblord3 -
      i really like timo but i think in his position now will not last...
    1. jamesmeyers1992's Avatar
      jamesmeyers1992 -
      Timo Boll, you're hero! Love your switch!
    1. Sam Chow's Avatar
      Sam Chow -
      The most concern is how to make world ranking sustained
    1. aljenym's Avatar
      aljenym -
      Timo Boll will surely dominate 2011
    1. ttCrawsaive's Avatar
      ttCrawsaive -
      We all have to enjoy this moment, it might be for a very veeery long time to see a non chinese on the number 1 spot again.
      Still I don't think Timo can take gold at the WTTC.
      He can beat Ma Lin, but can he also beat Liqin, Wang Hao, Zhang Jike, Xu, Ma Long in the same tournament?
      Let's hope so!
    1. UpSideDownCarl's Avatar
      UpSideDownCarl -
      I think it is nice that Timo played in a lot of tournaments, got a lot of points racked up and has played well. But in realistic terms he probably would not be ranked higher than 4th if was not based in part by how many tournaments you have played in. Ma Long, Wang Hao and Zhang Jike all have something on him. I think all the top Chinese players did not play as many tournaments this year. Nobody from China even qualified for the Pro Tour Grand Final as a result. If they show up to the tournaments in the early months of 2011 that rating will change. I like Timo and I wish things were different but he is a slight notch below the top Chinese players.
    1. A-Franji's Avatar
      A-Franji -
      Congratulations to Timo Boll and I wish to him to continue the progress and success .
    1. peter's Avatar
      peter -
      I hope Timo could stay on top for another 12 years, and I hope Samsonov get his acts together and get up top 3, same thing goes to Mizutani and Chih Yuan. Take down China for the mankind boys, we the table tennis community needs representable & handsome athletes.
    1. Bollforte94's Avatar
      Bollforte94 -
      but now Wang Liqin Ma Lin and Samsonov are the only players who are ten years in the top10! incredible!
      timo go on , you will win a medal in rotterdam if you dont meet wang hao
    1. Tamez_94's Avatar
      Tamez_94 -
    1. djpokkey's Avatar
      djpokkey -
      Axtually i think it depends on his performance.I love Boll now its all eyes on him everyone will b gunning for him again.I wish him all the best i say 6 months to a year we will see .Go Timo Boll!!!!!
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