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    • Timo Boll - Player Profile

      Name: Timo Boll

      Nationality: Germany

      Date Of Birth: March 8, 1981

      Photo by: Associated Press

      Current World Ranking: 6 (Since June 2012)
      June 2012 World Rankings found here

      Playing Style: Left handed, two winged attacker. Timo's amazing awareness and feel in the game allows him to compete with the Chinese like no other European today. His variations on serves and serve returns allows him to spin the ball first and have the first opportunity of attack on his opponent.

      Greatest Results

      Click HERE to watch the match of Timo Boll's most recent competition win.

      - 2012 World Team Championships - Silver Medallist
      - 2010 German Sportsmen of the Year 2nd position
      - 4 x European Champion in 2002, 2007, 2008, and 2010
      - 4 x European Team Champion 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010
      - 5 x Europe Top 12 winner in 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008 and 2010
      - 17 x Pro Tour Open wins including
      - 2001, Brazil Winner
      - 2002, Austria Winner
      - 2003, Japan Winner
      - 2004, Germany, Austria Winner
      - 2005, Japan, Sweden Winner
      - 2006, China, Germany, Poland Winner
      - 2007, Recoving from back injury during this time period
      - 2008 Austria, Germany, Poland Winner
      - 2009 Qatar, Germany, Poland Winner
      - 2010 Japan Winner
      - Grand Finals Winner 2009
      - 9 x German Championship Winner

      Equipment and sponsor

      Timo Boll plays with Tenergy 05 on the backhand and forehand using a Timo Boll Blade Series of which is the ALC.

      Club Represents

      Timo Boll is currently representing Borussia Dusseldorf Zhejiang in the Chinese Super League

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      Comments 10 Comments
      1. Bollforte94's Avatar
        Bollforte94 -
        Hey Dan if you want I can add player profiles so you dont have only 3 players
      1. Ian's Avatar
        Ian -
        You should add his World Cup wins as well.
      1. oalkhalili's Avatar
        oalkhalili -
        Wonderful attitude and very disciplined player. Deserved to be #1
      1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
        YosuaYosan -
        The guy who can seriously challenge the currently reigning China !
      1. moriguchi2's Avatar
        moriguchi2 -
        the most respected and inspiring player
      1. niko's Avatar
        niko -
        timo is a really likable guy I met him at a show fight, where I was referee there were christian süß, wang xi and jean-michel saive too
      1. Jing An's Avatar
        Jing An -
        I love Timo Boll I like him and I wish him to be the world rank 1 ttp
      1. 3shaSantos's Avatar
        3shaSantos -
        I wish I could play with him someday
      1. cobrado23's Avatar
        cobrado23 -
        it is alc or zlc timo is using now? plx advise ty
      1. gemaxed's Avatar
        gemaxed -
        Quote Originally Posted by cobrado23 View Post
        it is alc or zlc timo is using now? plx advise ty
        ALC. He using at the moment. Also ive still seen him play with the good old Spirit
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