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    • Ma Long - Player Profile

      Name: Ma Long

      Nationality: China

      Date Of Birth: October 20, 1988

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      Current World Ranking: 1 (Since July 2013)
      July 2013 World Rankings found here

      Career Update: Ma Long regains his world number 1 status in July 2013.

      Playing Style: Ma Long is a righted two winged attacker. Long is one of the most aggressive table tennis players to have lived! His two winged attack strategy with text book technique allows him to hit the ball at angles and speed that has never been seen before!

      Ma was on the World scene properly around 2007 and ever since hasn't looked back in his playing style. His 3rd ball attack and service is really what separates himself to the rest. If their is a rally of him playing, he is rarely on the defence and if he is, he would look to make an attack within seconds.

      TableTennisDaily footage of the Chinese National Team training

      We caught Ma Long in the training hall in preparation for the 2013 WTTC. More videos, pictures, discussions and information here.

      Greatest Results

      Click HERE to watch the match of Ma Long's most recent competition win.

      - 2013 China Open World Tour Champion
      - 2012 China Super League Team Champion with Ningbo
      - London 2012 Olympic Team Gold
      - World Team Championships 2012 - Gold Medallist
      - Hungarian Open World Tour 2012: Men's Singles Champion
      - ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals 2011: Men's Singles Champion
      - Swedish Open 2011: Men's Singles Champion
      - Austrian Open 2011: Men's Singles Champion
      - Harmony China Open 2011: Men's Singles Champion
      - In 2010 Ma Long became the Asian Men Singles champion
      - Long is a 9 time winner of Pro Tours including,
      - In 2007, Kuwait and German Open winner
      - In 2008, Korea and Singapore Open Winner
      - In 2009, China and English Open Winner
      - In 2010, German Open 2010
      - In 2004 Ma Long became the World Junior Champion

      Equipment and sponsor: Ma Long has been varying his forehand rubber in recent times, but he is currently using the DHS Neo Hurricane III on the forehand. His backhand rubber is the one of the Tenergy series. The 05 version. Ma is using the DHS Hurricane Long 3 blade.

      Pictures of Ma Long's Equipment

      Club Represents

      Ma Long is currently representing Ningbo. One of China's major Table Tennis Teams in the China Super League.

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      Comments 23 Comments
      1. TT Player's Avatar
        TT Player -
        Nice article. It's hard to think of Ma Long being number 4 in the world.! I don't think he will be there for too long, if you'll excuse the pun!
      1. leankints's Avatar
        leankints -
        Nice one Dan. kinda sucks that he's injured, but he'll be back. he's too good to stay #4 hahahaha
      1. oalkhalili's Avatar
        oalkhalili -
        He has a powerful style. I enjoy watching him. As much as I like Timo Boll, Ma Long will be number this year.
      1. Sovetbek's Avatar
        Sovetbek -
        He has a very fast top spin. I like his style of play
      1. arhabib's Avatar
        arhabib -
        Super-aggressive player!
        Rarely see him back off the table to defend, no one is capable of forcing him to do so!
        Hope he gets better and gets back to where he belongs, World's #1!
      1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
        YosuaYosan -
        How long can he retain his position in the tops of the table tennis sport ? Lets just see..
      1. AiwPE's Avatar
        AiwPE -
        I love Ma long....You are in the world.
      1. GeMaCa's Avatar
        GeMaCa -
        I really love the way he plays. He really exert great power in hitting the ball!!!
      1. niko's Avatar
        niko -
        Does everyone knows witch blade he uses now???
      1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
        YosuaYosan -
        Quote Originally Posted by niko View Post
        Does everyone knows witch blade he uses now???
        Its DHS PG7
      1. kray Z Songer's Avatar
        kray Z Songer -
        Quote Originally Posted by YosuaYosan View Post
        Its DHS PG7
        What rubber does he use these days? I read somewhere that he has moved from a Hurricane 3 Neo to a Skyline TG3 Neo. Is this true?
      1. kray Z Songer's Avatar
        kray Z Songer -
        I read somewhere that Ma Long has moved from a Hurricane 3 Neo to a Skyline TG 3 Neo. Is this true? Which of these two rubbers is more powerful?
      1. derekho's Avatar
        derekho -
        Its a matter of preference.
      1. kevin septian's Avatar
        kevin septian -
        Is that Timo Boll ALC an grip or fl grip ? I don't know the different. could someone tell me .
      1. amr_tareef's Avatar
        amr_tareef -
        Ma Long is just awsome ...
        specially his crazy backhand side flick.
      1. TripleC's Avatar
        TripleC -
        Quote Originally Posted by kevin septian View Post
        Is that Timo Boll ALC an grip or fl grip ? I don't know the different. could someone tell me .
        Um, please update the article about Ma Long from the following:Awards: World Cup 2012 ChampionEquipment: Blade - DHS PG-7 or DHS Long 2Forehand - DHS NEO Hurricane 3Backhand - Butterfly Tenergy 05CTTSL Club: He plays for Ningbo today. Zeshang doesn't exist in this season anymore.Please bear with me on this. This is all true.
      1. Ma long the best's Avatar
        Ma long the best -
        Ma long——my king!
      1. duan's Avatar
        duan -
        Ma long....You are the best...
      1. duan's Avatar
        duan -
        ma long ..u are the best player
      1. Rajah*'s Avatar
        Rajah* -
        ^-- spammer alert. Lol

        Sent from my HTC One X+
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