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    Wang Liqin - Player Profile

    Name: Wang Liqin

    Nationality: China

    Date Of Birth: June 18, 1978 Shanghai

    Photo by: Reuters

    Current World Ranking: 11 (July 2013)
    July 2013 World Rankings found here

    Career Update: Wang Liqin counts to the most successful players in table tennis history and he still ranks among the best. During his career he was 53 month on the Number 1. spot of the ITTF World Ranking. He is known for his steady nerves, for his perfect athletics and for his fairness. He was picked up for the Chinese national team when he was 15 years old.

    Playing Style: (Shakehand-Grip) His playing style is very similar to Ma Longs, he is also a righted two winged attacker with a perfect technique. That’s why the TT-Community calls him the “great brother” of Ma Long. At his prime his table tennis was ultimate perfection.

    Greatest Results

    Click HERE to watch the match of Wang Liqin most recent competition win.

    - World Table Tennis Champion 2001, 2005, 2007
    - Over 20 Pro Tours Title (Qatar, Korea, China)
    - Pro Tours Grand Final 1998, 2000, 2004
    - World Champion Mixed Double 2005, 2007
    - World Team Champion 2001, 2004, 2006, 2008
    - Olympic Team Champion 2008

    Equipment and sponsor: Equipment: Timo Boll Spirit; FH: DHS Hurricane III, BH: One of the Tenergy Series

    Club Represents

    Wang Liqin is currently representing Shanghai Jinzhou Club. One of China's major Table Tennis Teams in the Super League.

    Additional information His hobbys are singing karaoke and languages. He described himself as a good singer. He said that the World Champion Final 2007 was his best match of his whole career. He was loosing 3-1 and 7-1 but turned the match and finally won.

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    Thanks to TableTennisDaily member BollForte94 for the bio on Wang Liqin.

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    Comments 5 Comments
    1. azlan's Avatar
      azlan -
      Let me call him and ask about his blade and rubbers and settle this dispute..I think I still have his number
    1. leedeyuan2's Avatar
      leedeyuan2 -
      Nono. Wang liqin used to use nittaku wang liqin, h3 on fh and nittaku hadmond pro beta on bh, but have changed to rosewood nct v, h3 neo on fh tenergy 64 on bh since the last yr's WTTC
    1. Vihito's Avatar
      Vihito -
      Rubbish. Rosewood of Hurricane King, WLQ never used carbon blades. I'm not sure about the Hurricane as well, i think it is Skyline. Bakhand rubber is either tenergy 64 or nittaku ( renanos ? )
    1. PandaMike's Avatar
      PandaMike -
      I'm a big fan of him. I hope he can make it back up to the top at least once before he retires.
    1. Ballondefender's Avatar
      Ballondefender -
      Where you take the information about his equipment?

      I saw him at the German Open. The backhand rubber is definitely not a Tenergy. Not everybody is playing with Tenergy. He plays with a rubber that has got white sponge. Probably some Nittaku rubber, of course boosted. And the blade, if it is a Boll Spirit, he changed the handle to DHS. But probably he is not playing with the TBS anymore. Maybe he changed back to his DHS blade.
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