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    • Timo Boll to play in Chinese Super League 2011

      German superstar Timo Boll is on go ahead to play in the Chinese Super League 2011 this year. Boll will be joining the Hangzhou Nirui Table Tennis Club. Along side him will be Ma Lin and Hao Shuai of China. It is said Timo Boll will be playing 6 league game matches however some reports have said he will be playing most of the games.

      Photo: http://www.spox.com/

      The salary is said to be 1 million yuan which is the equivilent to $150,000 for the expected 3 months of play.

      When Boll use to play in the Chinese Super League back in 2006 he reported hyperthermia a number of times. The venues were not air conditioned, however the new venues in the league of 2011 will be air conditioned for the star.

      Timo Boll had this to say "I see this as an ideal start to the preparation of the Olympic season. In my last guest, I appreciate especially the enormous training hardness. I'm going to play in a strong team, "said the No. 2 in the current world rankings. At the Club in Hangzhou, the capital there are 6.8 million inhabitants of the province of Zhejiang, in addition to Timo Boll, Olympic champion Ma Lin and Hao Shuai (17th in the world rankings) are under contract. (Source: Sports2Business)

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      Do you think this is good preparation for Timo Boll in the Olympics 2012? Perhaps Chinese players may get use to his game and can use this to learn how to play him? Discuss below
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      1. Tom's Avatar
        Tom -
        yeah I think its good that Timo Boll is going to prepare himself for the Olympics. He can get use to how the Chinese play and it will put him in great shape. However on the downside they may get use to his game. It can work both ways
      1. PandaMike's Avatar
        PandaMike -
        I hope this prepares him also. I really hope he can achieve a Olympic Gold Medal.
      1. ME.TTprO's Avatar
        ME.TTprO -
        Timo Boll should get the olympic title , really , the way he play is GOOD
      1. Astrotaz's Avatar
        Astrotaz -
        This is a very good strategic move
      1. Bollforte94's Avatar
        Bollforte94 -
        They already knows his game
      1. sunilcse04's Avatar
        sunilcse04 -
        His game is taking a heavy beating this recent tournaments.. he needs to re-invent himself asap !!
      1. Stormbreaker997's Avatar
        Stormbreaker997 -
        im sure that its very good for timo to improve his skills especially against the chines
        topplayers. maybe he have to change the style of his game.
      1. Stormbreaker997's Avatar
        Stormbreaker997 -
        wheredo you get this information?
      1. Dan's Avatar
        Dan -
        Quote Originally Posted by Stormbreaker997 View Post
        wheredo you get this information?
        German Website
      1. jyechen's Avatar
        jyechen -
        I want better coverage of the Chinese Super League, they should record all those matches in HD!! :P
      1. TTStefanoT05FX's Avatar
        TTStefanoT05FX -
        Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
        German Website
        who else will play in timo bolls new team in china?
      1. Dan's Avatar
        Dan -
        Quote Originally Posted by TTStefanoT05FX View Post
        who else will play in timo bolls new team in china?
        Sorry forgot to add it in the article... Ma Lin and Hao Shuai
      1. mitchillen's Avatar
        mitchillen -
        $150,00 for about 3 months of play? Damn, now that's a lot of cash for doing something you love
      1. Charlie's Avatar
        Charlie -
        gonna be great to see a European tearing it up in super league!
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