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    • Ma Long, "Wang Hao has best chance at WTTC 2011"

      On the 24th April 2011 the Chinese Men's warm up games for the upcoming World Table Tennis Championships had just finished. The winner was Ma Long beating Yan An 4 games to 1. A Chinese reporter interviewed Ma Long after the match. Ma Long quoted, “I tried to take control over the game and concentrated on my forehand which is more critical.”

      Photo by: Qi Dazheng

      Warm Up Event Results

      Round of 16
      Wang Gao 4-1 Zhai Yiming
      Hao Shuai 4-1 Li Ping
      Ma Long 4-1 Fang Bo
      Wang Liqin 4-2 Lei ZH
      Zhang Jike 4-3 Zhou Yu
      Zhang Chao 4-2 Chen Qi
      Yan An 4-3 Xu Xin
      Ma Lin 4-2 Xu Ruifeng

      Quarter Final
      Wang Hao 4-2 Hao Shuai
      Ma Long 4-2 Wang Liqin
      Zhang Jike 4-1Zhang Chao
      Yan An 4-2 Ma Lin

      Semi Final
      Wang Hao 0-4 Ma Long
      Yan An 4-1 Zhang Jike

      Yan An 1-4 Ma Long

      Regarding Wang Hao

      The reporter at the Warm Up event then asked Ma Long what his views were on the older more experienced players of the squad going to Rotterdam. Ma Long said, Wang Hao, Wang Liqin and Ma Lin's technical skills and abilities are not as good as before but with their age and experiences they deserve the attention from us younger players in the squad.

      Ma Long's chances

      Ma Long was then asked by a reporter on his chances of winning the WTTC. "All the players in the squad will give it there all and we all have an equal amount of pressure on us. I hope my training is good enough. Winning the warm up match does not have any bearing however its good to gain some confidence from these matches before the big events. I hope to go all out in the WTTC.” Ma Long added.

      Ma Long was then asked which medal he wanted to win. Ma Long with no hesitations immediately said "gold". There is only one winner in these competitions and we are all aiming for it. Having the right mind state is important".

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      So TableTennisDaily members, what do you think? Will Ma Long maintain this form from the warm up trials and further it into the WTTC?
      Comments 12 Comments
      1. markog99's Avatar
        markog99 -
        ma long = badass D
      1. idolLong's Avatar
        idolLong -
        go malong :d
      1. chrisdarkfury's Avatar
        chrisdarkfury -
        like it
      1. StealthAsassin's Avatar
        StealthAsassin -
        i told you guys even ma long says that wang hao is the favourite to win WTTC !!!
      1. david93fcb's Avatar
        david93fcb -
        He obviously wants to be undererstimated
      1. Charlie's Avatar
        Charlie -
        he speaks the truth he would be my favorite too
      1. azlan's Avatar
        azlan -
        I think so too, coz he has the consistency..though if Ma Long can get his mind and game together, he will be the man to beat
      1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
        YosuaYosan -
        He is just being modest, i think..
      1. ttmonster's Avatar
        ttmonster -
        @Yosua : You may be right, but looking at current form I guess you will agree Wang Hao is the favourite and Zhang Jike, Xu Xin and Timo are the challengers
      1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
        YosuaYosan -
        For me, Wang Hao is more experienced than Ma Long and he still got the kinks to win.
      1. Lan's Avatar
        Lan -
        was it aired on tv?
      1. Michellius's Avatar
        Michellius -
        Agreed, Ma Long.
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