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    Game, Set and Match - Zhang Jike becomes World Champion

    An extraordinary World Table Tennis Championships 2011 saw rising star Zhang Jike face former World Champion Wang Hao in a packed Ahoy Areana in Rotterdam. In the semi finals, Wang Hao defeated Ma Long of China 4-2 whilst Zhang Jike beat the last European Quarter Finalist Timo Boll in an epic 4-2 win. Timo Boll came off the table saying, "I gave it my all but Jike always had answers".

    Photo By: Rémy Gros

    Determined Zhang Jike fought his hardest throughout the whole final against Wang Hao. Hao tried his best to find answers to win the points but it just didn't go his way and Zhang Jike was the eventual World Champion winning:

    Zhang Jike 4 - 2 Wang Hao (12-10,11-7,6-11,9-11,11-5,14-12)

    In the final set, at 3 games to 2, Zhang Jike started of with his very well with tremendous topspins. Jike overpowered Hao in the short game which allowed him to get the early advantage in the rally. It was Zhang Jike who had 5 match points in the 6h set.

    However, was it meant to be? Wang Hao bought the game back level at 10-10 with some spectacular table tennis. Zhang responded and one the next point to make it 11-10. Hao produced an incredible backhand topspin to level again at 11-11.

    Zhang Jike was then on the edge as determined Wang Hao got a lead at 12-11. Zhang kept a cool head and wanted this championships so badly. You could see it in his eyes and body language. Determined, he came back and had another match point at 13-12.

    Both players were super focused as Zhang serves, Wang Hao made a quick attack although Jike responded fast and Wang Hao returned into the net!

    It was Game, Set and Match. Zhang Jike is the new World Table Tennis Champion.

    As Zhang shock hands with team mate Wang Hao, Jike went into excitement and ripped his tshirt in half! You could see how much he wanted this title.

    Hope you enjoyed this event guys and that you enjoy all of TableTennisDaily's coverage and results. We are sorry that the youtube channel is down, but we will be back!

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    So was your prediction correct.. Did you expect Zhang Jike to win the WTTC 2011? Did you have other favourite. And what did you think of this fantastic tournament and final?

    Check the original source: Zhang Jike is the new World Champion!
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    1. UpSideDownCarl's Avatar
      UpSideDownCarl -
      Above it says Jike beat Boll 4-2; However, Jike won 4-1.
    1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
      YosuaYosan -
      It seems that he is the 2nd generation of Kong Linghui..
    1. Justchill's Avatar
      Justchill -
      10.55 - 11.05 : OMG... lame
    1. idolLong's Avatar
      idolLong -
      Missing the old Ma Long
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