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    • Hat Trick Hero Vladimir Samsonov

      Vladimir Samsonov wins the Men’s Singles title at the Morocco Open on the 17th July 2011. In reaching this great height this has put Samsonov in the record books. Vladi back in 2009 and 2010 won the men’s singles title.

      Photo: ITTF

      Vladimir Samsonov faced an almighty, extremely determined Jean Michael Saive in the final. The two veterans put an absolute spectacular show on for the fans in Morocco.

      In the first set Samsonov took off to a flying start winning the first four points. Saive tied the set to 6 each however Vladi the Belorussian won the set 11-8.

      Samsonov again won the second set with scores 11-8 putting him in a 2-0 lead over the Belgium’s favourite Jean Michael Saive.

      In the third set both players were playing at such a high level with Saive giving it his all with sheer grit and determination. However, Vladi, famous for his cool and collective presence won the set comfortably 11-3.

      The fourth set was spectacular and the highlight of the tournament!

      Saive’s poor form in the third set made him even more determined to come of the blocks to make a dent in his opponent. Saive won the first four points in the set. Saive then led to a 6-1 advantage. Despite Saive’s efforts, Samsonov was slowly levelling the score line and reached 6-6. Samsonov took control of this advantage from being behind and then took a 9-7 lead. Saive was now on the back foot but managed to come out with some fantastic shots to level the score line 9-9. Saive was now at set point, however the cool and collective Samsonov levelled at 10-10. Both players fought hard in deuce all the way to 16-16 with amazing rallys. Vladi managed to take the last 2 points and won the set 18-16.

      Vladimir Samsonov wins the Morocco Open Men’s Singles title for the third consecutive time.

      Watch the final in the video below thanks to Youtuber TTProvider

      In the words of Youtuber Kayres9, Jean Michel ‘Safe’ vs Vladimir ‘Smoothonov’. Enjoy the match guys

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      1. YosuaYosan's Avatar
        YosuaYosan -
        Two legends playing !I love Saive's determination and Samsonov's perfect shots, he made very few mistakes if you analyze well..
      1. Charlie's Avatar
        Charlie -
        i hope i can play as well as samsonov when im hes age hes consistency and fitness is amazing
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